Hillary’s America/Chronicles Shocking Documentary/Movie!!


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  1. mattcoach1 says:

    Why are these people allowed in power? Dear WikiLeaks, destroy Mad Cow and take Bill with her.

  2. Laura Smith says:

    what year was this made and released?

  3. The future can be altered, but only by use of information that itself comes from the future.
    We have seen nearly universally that people prefer to embrace extreme evil, than to accept painful truth
    and take personal, direct action to oppose that evil.
    If we'd had the opportunity to go public in Germany in 1930, with specific details of the future, along with absolute proof,
    the 3rd Reich would still have risen, the war and the holocaust would happen, exactly the same.
    No man offered to die on the cross, in Jesus’s place.
    Even though he forgave, human nature is absolutely the same now, as then.
    Our Christian Brothers and Sisters – 300,000 in Iraq and Syria, have been tortured, raped, enslaved, beheaded, crucified, burned alive – slaughtered since the year 2011? Why did no Christian nations protect them?
    Do you comprehend the meaning of my words ?
    Do you realize the consequences of our betrayal, our cowardice, the lies and self-deception?
    Nearly none of you have the will, the courage, strength or moral integrity necessary to confront and destroy evil.
    Words mean nothing – actions – everything.
    Nearly all people will enlist to serve Satan, with absolutely no coercion necessary.
    Ask me how I know the year, the day, and the hour when the Earth is no longer home to the human species?
    This has been a failed experiment. That failure apparently has been a choice..

  4. BreezeTide says:


  5. Steven Nash says:

    Hillary for prison. Clinton scum.

  6. Chris Olson says:

    Bill, Hillary, ABC, NBC, CBS and the main stream media: Congratulations! The POWER you have successfully sought through corruption, murder, coverup and contempt has been partially achieved, the Election of Hillary to the office of Presidency will be a continuence of this GOAL! TO THE VOTING CITIZENS OF AMERICA, PLEASE ASK YOURSELF THE FOLLOWING: Is A Nation Born by GOD to provide the WORLD a righteous NATION in which to aspire for the GOOD of MANKIND deserving of continued blessings and acceptance into his Kingdom when WE THE PEOPLE ignore such enlightenment of the TRUTH? I'm afraid the answer is NO! Our continued ignorance to matters such as this through our unwillingness to seriously involve ourselves in the Political process in stopping this damnation only serves to the demise of this NATION and our souls! What does this say of our belief in GOD, or at the very least our moral character! IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE, IT IS A CHOICE! My PRAYER is that WE THE PEOPLE make the RIGHTEOUS CHOICE. To: Bill, Hillary, ABC, NBC, CBS and the main stream media, may GOD have mercy on your souls. I'm sure you sleep well at night.

  7. Rick W says:





  10. But Trump is crazy.

  11. Jeff Edeson says:

    Please America do not vote this woman in from Australian keen watcher of your election,

  12. who has the rights to this? I'd like to copy it and distribute it to people

  13. The whole movie is a compilation of grainy, 1990s allegedly jilted former associates or wannabe associatiates. "I (had) heard rumors" or similar statements throughout this collage. If even a scintilla of these allegations were true, even Superman would have found his way to a maximum-security penetentiary. I think if every bean-spiller in this so-called documentary would have more than one "I never had sex with that woman" moment.

  14. Peter Lemmon says:

    The silence of people who got jobs and positions, 60 minutes who edited out the truth, State Troopers who committed assassinations, Bill Clinton who put in people in legal key positions so that charges would appear to be coming when they were actually going in the other direction, the American people who will not hold elected people to Constitutional standards, all of this comes back on a global scale with the return of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Today, we are actually accepting a lie that Hillary was leading in the CNN polls and now is tied with Trump in the establishment polls. American people Wake Up! On a larger scale the Clinton Machine and the media are all going to do it to Americans again. For instance, Hillary winning over Trump is a hoax. There was a professor that did an independent study which showed Mr. Trump winning over Hillary by 87 percent. Look at Trump's rallies full of flags and American spirit and massive numbers of hopful and happy people. Look at Hillary's rallies dead with plantation blacks and idiot old men and young women holding on to a delusion that America has not fallen into decline. Trump says, lets try something new: "Make America Great Again." It can not be done if he has to always be politically correct and not offend those Muslims that deeply hate Americans and want us dead. Black Lives Matter, Obama funded, hates Americans. Illegal Mexicans with La Raza want to see Americans eat dust and crawl on their bellies and confiscate our land. Joe Biden and Tim Kaine think it good for Christian Whites to be in the minority. The minority means the cult of Tollerance to sacrifice our children on the alter of racial inferiority and death. Bill and Hillary are back to finish the job of destroying the people that they and Obama started to put on a path if decline. Mr. Trump wants to lift up Americans to their God Given place where "all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Declaration of Independence. Trump will restore the law that was lost. Vote Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence, the right choice.

  15. Dan Primo says:

    1:09:13 Paula Jones, recounting Bill skeezing up on her.

  16. K&C W says:

    Criminals thrive, and American's cry, Truth and Justice for this bunch of treasonous pigs. Hitlery should be in Prison, not running for anything, but running from the electric chair for her being a treasonous traitor. Saying she is Evil is to good for this bride of Satan. Rejoice in all these things, who would want to survive this O-Abomination anyway. You can take the Mark, sorry I won't, yet we witness most have today and worry about trash like this. The great generation of being deceived and deceiving others in all your false prophetic nonsense. God was and is still in control, YOU can't do a dam thing to help others if it's his will be done, Period. All your fear mongering is ridiculous and you should be ashamed of yourself. Did you make your daily quota and sales,,, God save us from YOU PEOPLE, what a Circus show your whole bunch has become. No wonder our country is falling apart at the seems. This One nation under Satan, where all you people have taken the Mark of the Beast. Get your selfie today, everyone taking stupid pills and this nation is prime for the rewards of Sodom and this O-Abomination the white house has become.

  17. The Truth says:

    Both Clinton's should be in Prison. PERIOD.. They need to be removed or taken out!!!

  18. The Truth says:

    The Clintons are lying pigs that have been trained for the better part of 30 years on how to there you way out of anything. They will lie even when placed in a corner, until investigators can come up with 100% of evidence that will stick and the and only then will they go another direction with another lie and blame  someone else for there actions. They will NEVER admit they did wrong, never.. They are the scum of the EARTH!!!

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