Hip Hop Conspiracy (Experimental documentary) 2Pac Notorious B.I.G Capital STEEZ & Ol’ Dirty Bastard


experimental film / documentary found footage Conspiracy following the deaths of 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Capital STEEZ & Ol’ Dirty Bastard. ***DISCLAIMER*** …


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  1. Fifteen minutes of fame, after that there no "profitable" way to go but down, so they stage their deaths to cash out.  For their families only to uphold all the copyrights and keep their memories alive… but I kid you not.. what you see on television .you must not take what they say and show to be absolute truth, it is very simple once you disconnect from the media outlets that use propaganda to better their ratings and keep people asleep with eyes wide open and nose wide shut .. steal your attention, and do your own investigation because the truth is out there …. i had a point but im so tired im actually falling asleep as i type so goodnight from  Hollywoodland Las Vegas, NV USA  Viva el Mexico por vida R I P

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