Historian Brought Freemasons to Heel

fay.jpgNazi Germany had to make a show of being anti-Masonic
since its enemies were controlled by Freemasonry.
Bernard Fay seized this brief moment to try to save his beloved France.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Historian Brought Freemasons to Heel

Harvard-educated historian, Bernard Fay, a member of the College de France and Director of the National Library, headed an investigative unit that rooted out Freemasons.

Working for Vichy President Philippe Petain and the Gestapo, Bernard Fay compiled a list of 170,000 Freemasons, of whom 989 were sent to concentration camps where 549 were shot. In addition, about 3000 lost their jobs. All Freemasons were required by law to declare themselves to authorities.

Fay also seized the secret archives from the Grand Orient in Paris and from Masonic lodges throughout the country. He compiled the information at the Biblioteque National and edited a monthly Journal, Les Documents Maconniques.

The lead articles had titles like “Freemasonry and the Corruption of Morals.” “Freemasonry Against the State,” and “The Masonic Lie.”

In 1943, Fay produced a film entitled Forces Occultes which depicted Masonic subversion world wide. The film recounts the life of a young Député (Congressman) who joins the Freemasons in order to relaunch his career. He thus learns of how Illuminati Jewish finance in England and the US used Freemasonry to involve France in a war against Germany. The Director Jean Mamy was executed as a collaborator in 1949.  Thanks to YouTube, the film with English subtitles can be seen online.


Of course, after France was “liberated” by the Masonic powers in 1944, the tables were turned.

Fay was arrested and sent to a concentration camp. When he finally came to trial in 1946, he was unrepentant and defiant.

“My great imprudence was to remain in France from 1940 to 1944, to dream of its regeneration, to consecrate all of my forces to it, to risk my life for it, and to believe in it, ” he said.

According to Barbara Will, author of Unlikely Collaboration, “perhaps the most striking aspect of his trial was the unwillingness of prosecutors to argue with Fay about the political opinions he still freely expressed.”

For example, he stated to the court that “for many years I have considered Masonry a dangerous institution, and on this point for some twenty years I have changed neither opinion nor language. The presence of the Germans had no effect on my ideas.” (p. 181)

It is a measure of the vice-like grip that Freemasonry has on the liberal mind that Barbara Will, an English professor at Dartmouth College, persists in describing Fay’s views as “paranoid” and “bilious.”

Fay had access to the secret archives of the Grand Orient. If he said they were dedicated to establishing a Luciferian world tyranny, he was anything but uninformed.

The French Masonic powers  investigated more than 300,000 cases of collaboration between 1944 and 1949; 6783 sentences of death were handed down in France and 1600 carried out. In contrast, only 200-300 Nazis were hanged in Germany.

Fay didn’t have much faith in his trial. The judge, he noted, was an “Israelite and Freemason.” Surprisingly, he was not hanged. On Dec 6 1946, at the age of 54, he was sentenced to hard labor for life.

In 1951, while convalescing in a prison hospital, he managed to escape to Switzerland with the help of fellow anti-Masons. Two years later, he was pardoned by Charles de Gaulle. Nevertheless, he remained in Switzerland, where he continued to teach and write books until his death in 1978.


Our minds have been trained to shut down at the mention of God. However, the New World Order is ultimately an occult exercise designed to replace God (Reality) with Lucifer, who represents the Illuminati’s self serving rebellion.

This cult consists of Cabalist Jews and Freemasons who proclaim God has no form and is unknowable. They step into the breach and anoint themselves God.

They create a solipsistic man-made reality. This is why they must control the mass media and education. We are prisoners of this matrix. Modern (i.e. Masonic) culture is a fraud dedicated to undermining marriage and family (through gender bending and promiscuity), race, religion (God) and country. It is a dead-end.

In fact, mankind is connected to God by our soul (which the Illuminati deny exists.)  God has attributes which we all crave, spiritual absolutes such as Truth, Love, Goodness, Justice, Beauty and Harmony.

These attributes ultimately are Reality. That is why we we feel confused, listless and empty without them. The Illuminati is dedicated to turning Reality on its head, making what is healthy seem sick, good seem evil, true seem false; and vice-versa.

All true religions are based on this paradigm. That is why Freemasonry is dedicated to destroying them.


Bernard Fay belongs to the France of theancien regime, the true France of Monarch, Church and army. This France was rotted out and destroyed by Illuminati Jewish finance and their Masonic lackeys who sponsored the French Revolution.

Modern history is an account of how power and wealth has been transferred from the church and aristocracy to Illuminati finance using liberal and democratic ideals as pretexts.

Nazi Germany had to make a show of being anti-Masonic since its enemies were controlled by Freemasonry.  Bernard Fay seized this brief moment to try to save his beloved France. Of course, this window closed quickly since the Nazis also were financed and controlled at the top by the Illuminati.

Modern history and culture is saturated by Masonic assumptions yet the cult is largely unknown and unmentioned. Masonic Illuminism is the (satanic) religion of mankind yet its name is never spoken.

I was channel surfing yesterday and landed on the program “Decoded.” A 33-degree Freemason in Washington DC was disavowing any Masonic plot for world domination. This is another case of “listen to what we say, not what your eyes tell you.”  Illuminati conspiracies always deny with their lips what they do with their hands.

If Freemasons don’t control the world, why do their symbols dominate Washington DC and other world capitals? Why are Barrack Obama and most of his GOP opponents Freemasons?

If they were dedicated to good (as they claim), the world would be a different place.

Our society continues to be dysfunctional, corrupt and scandal plagued. Yet it refuses to address the underlying cause: subversion and control by a pernicious satanic cult.

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  1. mervyn hughes says:

    i see that freemasonry has infiltrated every aspect of our society from politics, bankers, limited companies and now i realise that my five year old child’ headmistress might be involved in the sect. whilst it might have an innocent outlook from our areas perespective i feel that up-top orders can be fabricated that can criminalise such people as innocent local buisnesses, doctors and school teachers whom have involved themselves for the sake of socialising and creating friends in buisness etc.

  2. charles allan says:

    They have even infiltrated the vatican with vatican 2 – roncalli the pope was one allegedly.
    It is mystery babylon , satanic talmudism and egyptian mumbo jumbo ,and will be destroyed with the brightness of His (Jesus) coming.
    No Christian should touch it with a bargepole or he is selling his soul.

    • Rich Buckley says:

      Agree with your summation yet I do believe our mainstream Christian fear – based practices misrepresent so much of Christ’s mission here on Earth especially as it concerns looking inward for self understanding, spiritual enlightenment, and the personal choice to align one’s primary life goals in the free will choice of service-to-others in love, compassion, liberty, and wisdom.

      Wisdom: means to function in useful mode in free will balance in positive/negative to humbly and lovingly serve a positive polarity in service-to-others with frequent mindful anchorage in the harbor of Christ Consciousness

      http://www.ctrforchristcon.org/christ-consciousness.asp .

      Another way of stating “wisdom’s meaning”: When what you feel in your heart is joined by your reasoning both in service to yourself and aligns in service to others whom you serve openly, truthfully and transparently in their best interests.

    • Ken Snyder says:

      Sir,you are confused.Christianity is jewish with a make-over by the Romans for their own use.

      • charles allan says:

        Ken – a rabbi said that masonry is jewish kabbala from start to finish and many jews have joined – you can see this if you do some research . It is luciferian worship and has many levels – such as the illuminati level. It has many strands but all coming from mystery babylon.
        The average masonic joe does not necessarily know this – my grandad was one – my grandmother was a member of the eastern star. Many of the USA founders were masons – from a human point of view many were good and honest persons but from a salvation point of view they are deceived by the great deceiver.
        Although having bibles in the lodge seems Christian – it is a mixture hated by God – many masons profess they have taken “christian degrees” but there is no such thing.
        Instead of Jesus being their whole life they are eternally compromised unless they repent.

        Christianity is based only on Jesus and the OT and NT is the teacher. Jesus is proclaimed all the way through the OT from Genesis onwards. The Jews were therefore supposed to recognise Jesus as their messiah but crucified Him instead.

        The first gentile Christian was the roman soldier Cornelius and many Romans accepted Jesus as messiah as the bible predicts. Only a remnant of Jews accept Jesus – the Talmud – their traditions of men which Jesus cursed – is full of blasphemous curses on Jesus and Christians.
        In the last days when Jerusalem is surrounded by the armies of the world at the battle of armageddon – many Jews see the light and there is a great conversion when they rent their garments.
        So yes christianity comes from the Jews but is open to all men of all races on repentance and baptism – when they accept Jesus as their Lord.
        After Constantine christianity became politicised and many unchristian things have happened but Jesus is still there. And compared to the rest of the world “Chrisendom” was the better place. It went to America but America was really founded on masonry which gradually took over with the illuminati jews in control .

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