history channel documentary – Zbigniew Brzezinski 2015 – America Russia – New World Order



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  1. Frank Su says:

    china is their mutual enemy

  2. Alex P. says:

    Senetor Menendez, the legendary floppy cock American senator. Cold war sofa generals.

  3. Twinny1011 says:

    ziggy brzezinski and dic*-faced kissinger,  ARE BOTH, HUMAN-HATING,WAR-LOVING, GENOCIDAL, SELF-SERVING, CHILD-MOLESTING/VIOLENTLY-ABUSING, NARCISSISTIC, PSYCHOPATHS, along with the rest of his political, media, corporate and banking scumbag friends and WHORING family!

  4. M7Caravan says:

    Encircle Russia and do an energy grab (Ukraine natural gas) at the same time.  It's a grand chessboard after all.  Russia is xenophobic after invasions from Napoleon and Hitler.  Not a good idea to poke at that hornets nest by staging equipment in eastern European. 30:24 – Same old Ameri-centric views. America is no longer the center of the world nor the worlds policeman/regime changer. ZB is sucking wind on this one.

  5. colin moore says:

    We can't allow them to us nukes or agent orange or illegal wars

    Hmmm us anyone

  6. Why are we so surprised by these open US hegemonistic speeches? They simply have got to do it as their house is about to implode. Putin is smart and is bidding his time….tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-autumn 2015!!

  7. "The World Order"……America, America, America, America, America and so on!

  8. James Eslick says:

    Brzezinski = Devil.

  9. Mega7thsun says:

    This Brzezinski cold war dinosaur and conspiracy theorist that created Taliban through CIA in 1980s,  is stuck  30 years back in cold war mentality ! everything he talks about could be put to a counter-argument and thrown back at him

  10. colin moore says:

    These guys are just lobbyists for the defense machine. You can hear the $$$ ringing

  11. Difficult times for Ukraine  .

  12. Russia still holds the record for the biggest bomb ever exploded in history.

  13. This man lives and breathes death! He enjoys destruction he enjoys killing. The man is a looney imagine this man in a hospital ward! His ideas and plans are no short of death & destruction.

  14. Yew Wood says:

    He lost me at "Russia's Propaganda Machine with no facts" lol. He's a Democrat. That's all they do is propagandize with no facts :D

  15. Yew Wood says:

    Too many propaganda ads, most close this speech now.

  16. What a joke US printing 60 bill a month for 2 y to exist and Ukraine getting 1 bill aid. They would be doing great as well with 60 bill per month.

  17. Arrogance always produces miscalculation !! Very annoying to listen to such degenerated point of view. Why should one always have to concur the other ? We live in a world of several strong nations and we should learn how to live in synergy with one another and help weaker ones as well.

  18. Rule in business: only strong ECONOMY means more money for military-intelligence. I already worn "million" times: for Russia is more important excellent relation with EU than with USA. Russia could be " BRIDGE" between EU and China…

  19. Sekah One says:

    LoL. Zbigniew Brzezinski  reminds me of emperor Palpatine!!!

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