History Channel World War II – Hells Battlefield Kursk


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History Channel World War II – Hells Battlefield Kursk

History Channel World War II – Hells Battlefield Kursk


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  1. A little known fact was the British gave information to the Russians about the German Battle Plan at Kursk after decoding Enigma machine messages from the German army.

  2. raydeen1 says:

    Paulus…what a traitor and coward.

  3. nyusa says:

    wow really great Eisenduper was great general warrior who accepted the invitation of Nazis. he did a commendable job at Kursk and Stalingrad battle fields…

  4. We always give Russia props for being the first to deliver defeat to the Germans making them less than invincible but the real prop we should be giving to his God. He was the one who made the weather that winter incredibly harsh. Russians just exploited God's fortune.

  5. Steve Konrad says:

    We all owe Germany a great debt for weakening communist Russia to such a point that they were far less a threat to the world.

  6. birdandthe says:


  7. Aragtida says:

    some wana take away the heroic soviet struggle by ,""we help thm with couple tanks"", Soviets destroyed the Nazis all the way to Berlin,,thank them.ofc the americans ,the british & many others fought well but it was russia that had the brunt of nazi might & they obliterated hitlers armada with sheer will. Even thou am not russian,its something to be proud of that humans can withstand such terrible losses and be resilient enough to overcome and win. Eastern front was a death trap for Nazis.

  8. theoldprof says:

    The first defeat of the Nazis in WWII was at the gates of Moscow prior to any Lend-lease. A debt forgiven for Great Britain & France. But the debt of the Soviet Union will still be paying for about another decade.

  9. In this battle my grandfather did manage to destroy 7 germans tanks. He has got a medal for this. i lost it showing to my friends in a kinder garten some 30 years ago.

  10. Sloppy commentary, contradictory and incorrect 'facts' presented haphazardly and with obviously very little understanding of the topic.

  11. LionsDen says:

    Kursk just proved that the war was lost at Stalingrad. 35 kilometer inroad in the south at best and a 'reverse' Kursk bulge around Orel in the north had Model shitting his pants.

  12. one of the best documentaries ever made …

  13. Bernd F. K. says:

    Why are the picture randomly put together ? E.g. you find pictures of the Ardennenoffensive (Dec. 1944).

  14. What a beautiful documentary this is. Very Informative. @Commander_Shepherd is right on many points.

  15. Ken Havens says:

    Only a few decent, legitimate documentaries on Youtube. History channel and nat'l geographic are the only ones I really watch.

  16. WTF, STALINS SPEECH MADE THE RUSSIANS REALIZE THAT DESTRUCTION WAS A REALITY???? what kind of bullshit is this, krushev did most of the military work & the russians wern't morons they knew that hitler wanted to kill em all. why you think they fought so hard. it sure wasn't for him. this is BS propaganda.

  17. russians are a strong and tough and resilient people. would never want to invade russia.

  18. at the beginning phase of the war, the better prepared German had the upperhand, but they didn't exploited the advantage enough, giving Russia the precious breathing space. the initiative was gradually turned to the Red Army. After Operation Bagration, it was apparent that Gemany has no chance at all to the win the war.

  19. russians did not know shit about citadel, they can thank england for providing the intel about the offencive

  20. boekhour says:

    Actually, Prokhorovka was a big defeat for the Russian army losing 400-500 tanks and Germany only something like 100. This documentary is not true: errors about the number Tigers and Panthers deployed and destroyed at Prokhorovka is misleading and is like Russian baised "pattriotic war" info. Procorovka was a big tactical win for the Germans, but combined with the never ending stream of russian tanks and human resources a strategic win for Russia.

  21. Verent says:

    Otto von Bismarck: "I know 100 ways to lure the Russian bear from the den, but do not know a single how to drive it back."

  22. RATED says:

    Germany just didn't have enough manpower to win. They had technology , better tanks, etc… but that ended

  23. Neil Miner says:

    can study the war till your arse turns pink,fact is ,no matter what the fuck ya'll think,Germany,for ghd second time this century lost a world war,looks like your holding a grudge?….just like the one that caused this little war….man you fucking Europians can hate real good,hate the French cause they invaded us 200yrs ago!!,the Polish,just because we can…..give it up!,Europe has been killing,hateing and causeing World Wars for thousands of years….than,after it all turns to shit,hopes the North Americans can come dig them out…..like i said give it the fuck up,nobody can remember why they hate each other,they just do!……Canada,the U.S.A….living next to each other,with longest unprotected border,fought each other once,than we gave it up!,….things have been great here since!…..if ya say its bullshit than why the fuck is it so important go imigrate here ……maybe,just a kick in the balls,its because it so peacefull!!!!,just fucking maybe,eh!?

  24. I'm not saying Soviet sacrifices werent essential to defeating Hitler. I'm saying without Lend Lease from the US Stalin would certainly have lost. But the Russians only rarely and obliquely everything else acknowledge that. And the UK and US were far more honorable in their discussions with Stalin than he was. The problem for Stalin is he was such a deceitful liar he couldn't see anyone else in any other way.
    The Americans and British were way more appreciative too of Soviet efforts. Again, reading the correspondence between the big 3 leaders and also the Soviet leadership, the Russians consistently behaved like they were the only ones fighting.

  25. The consensus among most historians is thatt he USSR was able to defeat Germany because of weather, the size of European Russia, German oppression, and basically attrition. Pre-war Soviets doctrine was also offensively minded. And Stalin's early interference in strategic planning. At least he saw it was better to de-politicise the the military for the duration.
    Russians seem to overlook…from the war to today, the Americans' contribution. 250000 trucks. Highly refined petroleum product, huge quantities of rare metals that the Russians couldn't replace. 13000000 pairs of boots. All while fighting the Germans themselves as well as the Japanese, and supplying the Brits, Commonwealth, and exile armies. At least those countries thanked them. All the Russians do is say we defeated the Germans practically alone. That kind of generalised discourtesy is really off-putting

  26. walt7500 says:

    Misleading title!

  27. Gnollrunner says:

    Wow! who proof read this script? "By the 9th of July 1944 the allied landings in Sicily had being". Try 1943 not 1944. This documentary seems to gloss over a lot of other stuff too.

  28. Lmao…so much bullshit. The Russians defending Stalingrad were neither "well organized" nor "well equipped". Soviet soldiers threw their bodies against the Germans in endless waves, and some of them didnt even have guns! They were slaughtered like cattle with only two options: either die by a German bullet or a Russian one since there was, according to Stalin's decree, "Not ONE step backward!"

  29. Juan Bixby says:

    11:10 dudes head is split wide open. this isn't bestgore its youtube.

  30. william jc says:

    the battle was pretty much a draw. however, because the soviets could replace men and tanks quite easily(2,000 t-34's/month!) the soviets were the long term winners and the nazi's would
    never launch another offensive attack in the east.

  31. isengdong says:

    i want to die on battlefield and not on deathbed

  32. Doc Bailey says:

    Yes, this does seem to be a poster for the Soviet Army. According to Wikipedia, most tanks lost at Kursk were from artillery, mines, and breakdowns. The individual T-34 was no match for the Tiger, and their crews weren't very good either, but they outnumbered the German tanks and their soldiers were brave, for sure.

  33. Ranokian says:

    What a bs. "The Tigers, Panthers and Ferdinands were no contest for the Russian T34". If so, please explain why the Russian causalities here so much higher in number then the Germans?

  34. Hitler was right, fight till the last man. The army was good as dead anyway as they literally admitted of 90,000 "only a few thousand would ever return home."

    "Historians have criticized paulus for not surrendering sooner"

    Lol WHAT!? Are you braindead or think that of your audience? Now I get they didnt have any ammunition but you can still inflict something on them and tie up their forces longer to help out the entire purpose of the invasion to not make it pointless.

  35. The history channel is so biased and sometimes completely full of shit. Hitler wanted to take stalingrad because it had stalins name. Thats the most important reason, of course it is. Thanks for the history lesson faggot. Cutting off russian fuel supplies so they couldnt field t34s? Nah, what a stupid strategy.

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