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  1. I love the secrets of egypt pharaoh very much!!! thank for a good video

  2. Good Documentary about Ancient Egypt! Please upload more videos:)

  3. John Kenedy says:

    Very Good! I like it:)

  4. Oops, not aligned magnetic north, but true north.

  5. What im thinking is the whole Pyramid wasn't built to start with what if there was a mountain there first and they shaped it
    and added the remaining blocks to finish (just a thought)

  6. Looks like the construction of pyramid had been associated with highly advanced beings that is very knowledgeable in maths,geometry,astronomy,architecture,cosmology etc.ordinary human beings might have helped in constructing but the idea and intelligence is alien.

  7. you crazies need to keep up. we totally know how they were built. every 10 years you come up with the same bs for a new generation of ignorant people who think they are "spiritual".

  8. The pyramids were built by aliens!!!!

  9. thumbnail had titties bruh… WHERE THE TITTIES?!?!?!?!

  10. This video reminds me of the Spirit Science video on our history ! I believe it was an even more ancient culture that made the great pyramid and the Sphinx !

  11. to many distractions , out of here

  12. Travis-2313 says:

    The mysteries of Cycles amaze me. Here they reported 2,600 years, many say 3,600 and the Book of Enoch use 4,900 years. (literally 70 X 70) Enoch states that after a sentence of 4,900 years a group of the Fallen Angels/Watchers who mainstream media call Ancient Astronauts and whom the Sumerians, Egyptians and other Ancient civilizations called "gods" will be released from Hell to go ahead and finish what they started in Genesis 6. The fact is Noah's Flood was the result of the Fallen Angels coming to Earth and committing the crimes that they did. (Namely corrupting God's gene pool, corrupting the balance of nature, mixing man & animal DNA, rape, murder, teaching men alternate religions, abortion, sacrifice, warfare, eating forbidden foods, drinking blood & cannibalism, alchemy, music, art, cosmetics, pornography, drugs, sorcery, weaponry, the art of conquering & ruling others, etc) It just so happens, The Flood is said to have taken place about 4,900 years ago, approx. 2800-3000 BC. ?

  13. Egyptians cant even read EGYPTIANS hieroglyphs…

  14. aoneyardgal says:

    idiot they drew themselves on the walls. look human to me. blacks

  15. Nymph O says:

    Pfft. Aliens helped.

  16. Paul Smyth says:

    Hate people who use fake clickbait pictures that have no relation to the video.

  17. scott dean says:

    i wanna live on easter island

  18. Many stupid obstructive ads -posted by selfish losers (i.e. The Mysteries of History) who probably don't even own the rights.

  19. A couple of scallywags who got pissed and stumbled on time travel with great new technology went back and left everyone scratching their heads!

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