History – World War 1 – क्यूँ हुआ प्रथम विश्व युद्ध ? जानिये इतिहास हिंदी में (Part 1)- UPSC/IAS/SSC


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  1. very important vedio sir ji

  2. Akash Singh says:

    hello sir,
    i like your all videos..it's so knowledgeable…can you share videos on gold standard and why we dollar adapted for treading

  3. Telly Albert says:

    Thanx for this great video??

  4. very helpful I formation
    thanks sir

  5. Satyam Kumar says:

    austria -hungary on serbia

  6. most_love says:

    jis jis ko pura sunne ke bad bi samjh nahi aya ki world war kyun hua wo like kare

  7. hello sir ,your video lectures are helped me a lot to understand this topic so first I want to thank you sir.
    sir one request to you once make one video on Indian independence and Gandhian era , once again thank you so much.

  8. Thanks for the great video sir

  9. wow….what a story.great job????

  10. USA ka role kya tha .usne kisko attack kiya?

  11. Chand Butt says:

    Dr. Rathore my question is for you, where are you learn from that history of world war 1?

  12. baklol indian army nai gorkha army tha tumara iq ganga nadi mey dhulakey repost karo

  13. amit singh says:

    very nice video, plss continue

  14. excellent details..

  15. About how Sardar Patel murjed 565 Rajwade in Indian territory?

  16. I realy like all video of you I want that you always start to make video on foreign affairs

  17. why italy declared war against germany and Austria-hungary and offended the treaty of alliance?

  18. buhat achi and helpful rahi ye vedio thanks a lot

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