History/Evolution of God Of War (2005-2017)


In this video we presented you the history of God Of War game, or you can say God Of War Evolution from 2005 to 2017. We listed all of the god of war games in …


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  1. hopefully they give us a nice pre order bonus for the new God of war maybe GoW 1 remastered.

  2. god of war e dimais

  3. David Negron says:

    Man… I'm about to cry bro

  4. This New God of War looks like skyrim agree if have right?

  5. Nathan Round says:

    Does the new god of war link to the previous ones, or is it a completely new story… Like a Norse version of god of war 1

  6. Mr Nitro says:

    Is it just me or does kratos look like James harden

  7. Your thumbnail is bugging me the second Keatos on the right has the tatto in the wrong eye

  8. PETROS GR says:

    the new god of war will come at 2017

  9. I love this game …. This game is my LIFE … Seriously

  10. mentira algumas são a continuação do 2007

  11. Bruce Doyle says:

    I like that the slowed down the speed in the fights in the newest one, its seems fitting seeing a old Kratos slower in fights but still badass!

  12. I am want download God of war Betrayal my phone help ?

  13. I have the first game of the series

  14. a jaja ta bueno ese xDDDDDAREA

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