HoI IV – World War Wednesday – Co-Op France – Episode 15


Carl is busy working on a patch, but Jake and Daniel are in the Studio to make sure co-op France stays on track. Buy Hearts of Iron IV: http://pdxint.at/1TVsZgM …


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  1. Angelo Pinto says:

    more units continue very long take the world

  2. Daniel just throws away those bodies :P

  3. Trifler500 says:

    The area that gets irradiated from a nuke is far larger than the area that actually gets hit by the blast wave. :)

  4. lptomtom says:

    Great, now the UK is a nuclear wasteland!

  5. snorlis says:

    This is the part of the ww2 that they dont tell you about.

  6. BOYS comon, i have a exam tomorrow, i need to learn some neurophysiology…. I cant learn when co op france is there.

  7. Why was national unity only 10% in the end?

  8. i've once thrown 13 nukes at the same time at GB

  9. Leecannon _ says:

    please do more

  10. Nicolas says:

    Just imagine 7 thousand brave pilots on the ground of the mediterranian

  11. bob bobson says:

    put hoi4 on sale pls I need this

  12. French genocides Americans in northern England.

  13. Мαяէїи says:

    you know what you should? replace the tactical bomber, which does basically the same as al the other planes, with Air Interdiction, aka Deep Air support.

  14. What does atomic bombing even do? I haven't seen any units get killed from it, and it doesn't destroy infrastructure in a city I drop it on. Is it supposed to drop national unity or something?

  15. The Big Blue Blob drops THE BOMB

    Hail the Commune

  16. why does the nuke bring rain/ a nuclear winter of Ashe?

  17. my pc literally dies in late game despite the fact that i have a i7, 8 gb of Ram and an AMD 7800 hd series

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