HoI IV – World War Wednesday – Soviet Union Co-Op – Part #3


Jake has a plan. Buy Hearts of Iron IV: http://pdxint.at/1TVsZgM This is part 3 of 3 of the Aug 3rd stream. Tune in to watch live: Wednesdays at 14:00-CET on …


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  1. Von Liberté says:

    Very nice campaign!

  2. lionslug says:

    if jake wasnt actively sabotaging, i think they would be nigh unstoppable

  3. 3:56 thats what he said.

  4. This is the actual "Rush B(erlin)".

  5. Cai Jones says:

    Da9l should develop the German AI no one could beat them

  6. Hawkester says:

    Jake showing his puzzle master skills once again…

  7. Elsneakakaze says:

    who needs guns anyway, just throw rocks at the axis

  8. siim33 says:

    jake is totally useless

  9. da9l looks so done with jake after his troops get surrounded in Japan

  10. Granted Jake just did not have the sheer numbers of divisions to defend the Siberian Front once he was split up. Especially after Japan, Germany, and Italy took advantage of the backdoor into Manchuria which to be fair he did forget about which was the reason he had to split his defenses. The Axis would have better all around Divisions in general as well.

  11. Daniel is a legit god.

  12. Dunkelheit says:

    What the hell?

  13. parazita89 says:

    Good! Really good.

  14. tjmbernard says:

    Was there some tension between the 2 streamers or it's just me ? Anyway, very interesting turn of events, i'd like to see more + an allies-commintern war ;D

  15. Filip Bresan says:

    how are they doing so poorly, just fucking build tanks and motorized, thats it, planes are useless and boats are only good for naval invasions

  16. Dreimou says:

    Usually really like Jake… but this time he was just really, really annoying…

  17. Derek Jones says:

    Clearly Jake was the puppet master all along!

  18. Jake you are the best!

  19. TheMaxntoby says:

    This comment section is extra salty today…

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