HoI IV – “World War Wednesday” – The Hungary Games #2


Daniel and Jake set their sights on a new country. You can find the QA from the WWW streams here: http://pdxint.at/HoI4_Stream_QA Tune in to watch live: …


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  1. Please, don't say "yoin" :(. Say "join", scandinavians should pronounce it "djoin"

  2. definitely Hungry, looks amazing :D

  3. play as one of the Baltic statesPlz….

  4. Manolaros13 says:

    Play Greece next!! Let's see what you can do with that Daniel.. :P

  5. This game looks so casual. A lot of flavour but no challenge. Just like a visual novel. Actually, even visual novels have a little bit of challenge.

  6. After the hungrary it could be cool to play with USSR because they are defending and not attacking. but I love hungrary too.

  7. I would say join Germany, it would be cool to see how far you can go with a crappy little nation like Hungry and rebuild the old Austro/hungarian empire

  8. Xeno says:

    False teh video ran for 50 secondds when you said 30

  9. John Bob says:

    Do them on Tuesday because when you do it on Wednesday it uploads on Thursday


  11. sparrow2202 says:

    What's wrong with this guy's teeth ???

  12. sausage says:

    Too easy. AI should respond to aggression as the international community. FE Nazi Germany would never allowed to annex Austria.

  13. Viltska says:

    Finaly a realistic WW2 game 😀 French retreating one day after attack :DDD jk


  15. Tintor says:

    Warfare just looks so automatic now. 🙁 Will it still be possible to move units manualy or is it just draw line and wait?

  16. It looks like a Browsergame.

  17. How is it possible that Czechoslovakia fell under attack Hungary? After Mobilization in 1938 ČSR had 1 280 000 soldiers, 217 000 horses, 26 000 vehicles, weapons: Rifles 762 000, pistols 188 000, mgs 40 000, mortals 900, anti-tank cannons 780, field cannons 2 270, light tanks 350 (pz.38t), armored cars 70, armored trains 17, airplane 950, anti aircraft MGs 230, anti aircraft cannons 250. Czechoslovakia was ready resist Germany and i cant believe that is it to easy for hungary.

  18. im dying here boys. i need more content 🙁 <3 you keep me moist and wet with your Lushest Hearts of Iron IV B=====D~~ ~ ~

  19. Klaidi Varfi says:


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