HOI4: Millennium Dawn – Neo-Macedonian Empire 9 “World War 3”


It has been more than two millenniums since Alexander the Great conquered the known world. But now, a new tale will enter the Macedonian history books, with …


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  1. Drake Guang says:

    the one thing I dont like about hoi4 is the MASSIVE simplification of the game. The funnest ive had in hoi3 is the learning curve. But in hoi4 I can call myself a master only 2 hours into the game

  2. Could you quickly sum up what happened in the game prior to this video?

  3. Squirrel says:

    does the ai start wars by its self in the millennium dawn mod

  4. Arent you gonna get Naval and Air focus in the focus tree?
    Also looking forward to when you take the USA, should be good.(If you do)

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