Hollowed Earth: Aliens Underground, Humans Above Ground


by Dmitry Sudakov

A lot of respectable scientists and writers believed that Earth contains vast hollowed areas.

Representation about underground towns appeared for the first time in 1946. The person to launch the rumours was Richard Shaver – writer, journalist and scientist. His incredible story about contacts with aliens living under the ground was published in Amazing Stories Magazine.

Shaver said that he had spent several weeks living under the ground with demon-looking aliens, whose descriptions can be found in ancient legends and fairytales.

Those underground creatures are described as inconceivably talented, brilliant and culturally educated – they do not want to have anything in common with humans.

One could refer to the story from the American writer as a fruit of his vivid imagination. However, hundreds of readers responded to the publication. They wrote that they had visited underground cities, talked to their residents and saw unimaginable technical inventions, in the very depth of the planet. Furthermore, the technologies of underground aliens give them an opportunity to control the minds of humans.

The unbelievable story exerted an immense influence on scientists and gave an incentive to the study of paranormal activities.

English astronomer of the 17th century, Edmund Halley, writers Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe and some others wrote in their works that planet Earth is a hollow sphere. American authorities were preparing a special scientific mission in 18-19 centuries to explore the Earth’s hollow depth.

The scientists of the Third Reich were very interested in the mysterious underground world too. A special top secret expedition was organized in 1942.

In 1963, two American coal miners, David Fellin and Henry Throne, found a large door in a tunnel, behind which they discovered a marble stairway. In England, miners can hear the sounds of mechanical devices under the ground, as they dig a tunnel. An English miner said that they had also found a stairway to an underground well. The sound of machines became more distinct, and the workers fled in fear. When they returned to the tunnel, there were no stairs and no entrance to the well.

An American satellite took very interesting photographs at the end of the 1970s. The photographs were published in many Western scientific magazines: the pictures depicted a dark, regularly shaped spot on the North Pole. The photographs were not defective: similar pictures depicting the same dark spot on the pole were taken several years later.

Anthropologist James McKenna explored an ill-famed cave in the State of Idaho. McKenna and other members of the expedition could hear screams and moans, as they were moving hundreds metres deep into the cave. The researchers found human skeletons soon, but they had to stop their quest: the smell of brimstone was unbearable.

Geologists do not share the theory of the Earth’s huge cavity, although they do not exclude a possibility of numerous large hollow spaces in planet’s depths.

What if many UFOs originate in the sky from under the ground, not from other galaxies?


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  1. Rick Lucas says:

    You state here that the narrative of underground bases began in 1946, but I would counter that the 1946 version was simply a new spin on a much older narrative involving alternately Aghartta, Shamballa, and sometimes both Aghartta and Shamballa as polar opposites. In some traditions, either of these mystical, mythical cities is located underground, somewhere in Central Asia. In other traditions, one city is above ground and beneath them, somewhere inside the earth, lies the other. In any of these traditions, the city itself is half-material and half-etheric, and the denizens are “alien” in that they are another people – apart and “alien” from us, and their ways are alien to us.

    The occult traditions which carried these stories, typically the Thelemic tradition, were practiced by various members of the government, military, and high society not only in this country but in many others, too. At some point, the thinking must have been to ply the same dramatic allegory and symbolism used in occult societies to the US population at large, and thus the entire UFO thing took off worldwide. It is unfortunate for us that the powers that be are unable to come clean about this facet of our history, but criminal and civil litigation would still be possible if we could determine who has standing to pursue it.

    It is even more unfortunate that educated people – even scientists, like Jack Parsons – who co-founded JPL (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories) – have been susceptible to the lure of esoterica. At the core, it is a profoundly anti-Enlightenment reflex which drives people into occultism, and America is in dire need of more light, more reason, and far less make-believe and self-delusion.

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