Honest Trailers – Guardians of the Galaxy


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  1. Emma Madden says:

    the bit at the start where he's like people will go and see anything if the marvel logo is on it is so me I love marvel

  2. Milla Meiman says:

    I had almost no expectations for this movie, and I was pleasantly surprised! This movie was really good :)

  3. Mr Fun says:

    This was one of the best honest trailers

  4. Riki Kage says:

    Ueaj, im gonna go watch DC come at me

  5. Arcralf says:

    Say "What.. is the airborne velocity of an unladen swallow?"

  6. CraZ. J says:

    You think no one is gonna watch DC? No? Its got F*cking Batman and F*cking Superman doing a F*cking crossover on the big screen in live action. B*tch! DC Knows how to get you in the theaters.

  7. bwp4577 says:

    Do black hawk down

  8. Chris Naing says:

    All the butthurt dc fans in the comment section are hilarious

  9. Ken Catus says:

    I did not like this movie upon watching it. Probably it was so, because the humor seemed so lackluster for me… And when that didn't work, the whole thing just fell apart, because I started picking on other problems, like underdeveloped main characters and villains.

  10. iomenicola says:

    That was brilliant!

  11. Rita Pei says:

    It's actually true.. I will watch anything with Marvel's name on it..

  12. James Skubal says:

    DC is amazing!!!

  13. James Skubal says:

    just you wait for Batman v Superman

  14. Um guys, I think you forgot someone….Ha wkey, I am talking about Hawkeye

  15. What a bunch of a-holes

  16. NOD Gaming says:

    Love the reference to south park…

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