Honest Trailers – Independence Day: Resurgence


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They had 20 years to write this movie, and this is all we got – Independence Day: Resurgence.

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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey: http://youtube.com/jon3pnt0
Title design by Robert Holtby
Original Music & Male Vocals: Matt Citron
Female Vocals: Leighton Bryan

Series Created by Andy Signore – http://twitter.com/andysignore & Brett Weiner
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell & Andy Signore
Edited by Bruce Guido and TJ Nordaker.

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48 Responses

  1. Sentry COD says:

    SAY: "You're fake news, fake newws, Terrible!"

  2. Iwillone says:

    Was I the only one thinking the Power Rangers at the end with the new cast all together
    (- ^ )

  3. ben l says:

    that movie was unwatchably bad

  4. Epic voice guy repeatedly saying "You had 20 years to write this!!!" made me laugh every time. He's so right. There might be better script ideas in Fanfiction.net, who have been writing fanfiction on this for literally 20 years.



  7. China only allows a small number of American movies a year and Hollywood will sell out on every level, from exhaustive unnecessary remakes, to the same..awful…plot. Anything for a cash grab and to break into that 2 billion person Chinese market.

  8. Wait, is the "Killer Queen" part at the featuring part a Jojo reference???

  9. mozxz says:

    This is still THE WORST MOVIE I've ever watched in a cinema, out of atleast 176……
    The acting was bad, the effect were bad, the plot was and still is really bad, it made you think throughout most of the movie you missed independence day 1.5…..
    All the action scenes were in the trailer.
    It was boring and i dont know what.

    And it was so filled with Cliche's I seriously got the urge to vommit all over the place….

  10. I'd love to subscribe to Screen Junkies, but they have way too many videos that aren't honest trailers

  11. absourate says:

    I didn't watch the first turd when it came out, and I won't watch this piece of garbage, ever.

  12. Worst… Sequel… Ever!

  13. Alyssa Smith says:

    so screen junkies, was 2015 worth the wait? 😀

  14. Epsolio says:

    That made my day 4:03

  15. For a different Independence day movie, how about something kind of realistic for Big Hollywood movie productions to actually make such as a prequil, bare with me here but a prequel about the aliens that land crash landed on earth that they mention in the first movie. A suspense thriller where on an air force base there are a few of the aliens. And the soldiers on that base have to use their wits and old 60's style weapons to kill the aliens.

  16. Dylan Burger says:

    Say: "Die potato….not today," from ASDF

  17. "A sricpt so bad, Will Smith choose to do Suicide Squad instead" I'm cyring :'D

  18. el .cHeeSie says:

    Hahaha glad I missed this movie

  19. I wonder if "Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhh" was written in the script for Hemsworth because he really nails it. Multiple times.

  20. mozxz says:

    I could barely remember the first independence day , but i watched this movie because it looked interesting,
    I go to Cinema A Lot , and this is THE WORST movie I've seen in a cinema…..
    Really bad acting, Really bad special effects. everything was shit…..
    They should have been even more brutal than they were

  21. Rynn21 says:

    The Pokeball, by Apple. Lmao

  22. Razzy1312 says:

    You took too long to get this video out. Next time you must, uh, go faster. Must go faster! Must go faster!

  23. 고수빈 says:

    "trade in smith" the fuck that was hilarious

  24. cmdfarsight says:

    I didn't like the original, it was too much America saves the world. You could just hear them all in chanting in the cinema USA USA

  25. c. lince says:

    will smith didnt do d movie coz he wanted jaden smith in d movie too,producers rejected it

  26. RipleyE2092 says:

    ? Screenplay-wise, this movie and Suicide Squad are almost equally terrible.

  27. WasabiPie:P says:

    What's worse: this or terminator genisys?

  28. Poppy M says:

    Dear Hollywood: no more blue space beams. Thanks. (or needless, soulless, cash-grab sequels, prequels and reboots of beloved older movies)

  29. Bones Capone says:

    Can I point out the military members had both enlisted AND officer ranks? The Chinese dude on the moon was a four-star tech sergeant. What the fuck, movie?

  30. I wonder that movie ended, i walked out of the cinema.

  31. The MC1 says:

    They probably did the entire script the day before it was due

  32. 2016 does have a good Independence Day sequel, and it is titled Arrival

  33. went on a double screening, in a nostalgic frenzy, came out of the theater really disapointed, but at the same time amazed how good the firstt movie is still.

  34. Chino Cocoa says:

    "Pandering to Chinese Audiences." Hey, they stole that from Mike Bay!

  35. "The pokeball by apple" im actually dead XD

  36. Ben Talbot says:

    1:25 love that comment. I felt that way whilst watching him say that line, it's like he forgot what he was saying halfway through and took a pause to remember. I think he went to the Joey Tribianni school of acting lmao

  37. Korn Queen says:

    This is one movie that I just couldnt believe how bad it was either.

  38. ZEZA says:

    do the passenger movie !!

  39. Broekje says:

    This was probably the worst movie that I've ever seen in a theatre.

  40. Brodie Zilla says:

    there were independence day books that if you read them it clears up so much of resurgence.

  41. I actually liked the reboot

  42. do flash season 2 please….

  43. Jukebox Hero says:

    YOOO i swear …. "The most interesting man in the world" – "Dumbledata" – "The Pokeball,…By APPLE" – "The Tragic School Bus" – AAAND BABY THOR'S FLYING ROARS" OMG i swear i died on my chair came bck typed this now am gonna die again LMAO

  44. Probably the best Honest Trailer ever, I cried of laughter. This movie was so terrible but Im grateful for it anyway, you guys turned it into a 5 min masterpiece!

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