Horrors Of US-NATO Butchery Of Libya Revealed


Exclusive to Rense.com

Note – The following email was received by a colleague of Susan Lindauer and we thank Susan for sending it immediately to us. This document is extremely important to read as it shows the hideous barbarity of the so-called ‘civilized’ Zionist-controlled United States and its City of London EU Western gangster allies. The bombing of the Libyan water project (the ‘Great Manmade River’), the bombing of schools, hospitals and population centers, the blockading of the port at Tripoli to cut off all food and medical supplies, are all designed to starve and kill masses of humanity.

The people of Libya are incredibly intelligent and strong and are committed to withstanding this effort to steal their nation from them. We wish them all possible success. If Libya is allowed to be slaughtered and reduced to Third World rubble like the Zionist-owned United States did to the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Western world – and ‘civilization’ as we knew it – are essentially gone. Remember Dresden… – ed

Susan: Also enclosed below is a press release on today’s bombing by NATO

Finally back on the internet, not at our hotel, had to travel to get on. Thursday and Friday no gasoline thanks to the piracy of NATO.

What they gave me for Jeff Rense is a web link, they say it has photos and a video of what he needs. It is http://libya-sons.tv/video/ (Ed note – This page is now 404, apparently as a result the outrageous NATO bombing of the Libyan Broadcasting Authority and the murder of three journalist colleagues there.)

These people are now excited hiring some of the biggest lawyers in the world to file (lawsuits) against NATO. The war crimes here are unforgivable.

Last night, NATO bombed the Libyan Broadcasting company killing 3 civilians and injuring 15 others. They don’t like any TV here except NATO propaganda. I am attaching 2 more leaflets, NATO dropped these last week. In what alternate Universe does NATO think these people will take any advice from them?

We were at a rally on Thursday where probably 400,000 to 500,000 people rallied behind their country and the Leader of their revolution.

These were some of the poorest people in Tripoli, yet they came with signs and their children dressed in green. They had written on their hands and bodies, we will give our soul for M. Ghadafi, we will all die before we let NATO and the great Colonial crusaders kill our beloved leader. NATO has stepped into a huge pile of shit and I hope that they end up with it all over their face. Ghadafi spoke at this rally over the phone, he said to NATO, “you must negotiate with the people of Libya” NOT ME, it is the people who decide their government and their leader.

I suppose you know about the infighting amongst the rebels? Now they have killed one of their big generals and this has instigated hate amongst them, this is due to the tribal loyalties. They have actually been fighting amongst each other for weeks, the kill each other periodically as they are all thugs.

In England, the British tried to give the Libyan embassy to the rebels! Like England says who owns the Libyan embassyand then the next day the rebels are killing each other. What a joke. The legitimate government of Libyan has now sealed that embassy. The UK can KISS any business here in Libya off ­ they are finished as are the FRENCH who periodically by orders of Sarkozy, shut the border between Tunisia and Libya to stop food and medicine and gasoline from coming in. NATO has blocked all the ships from coming into Tripoli so they want to starve these people out. Libya must pay big bribes to get the border open every time.

They are losing and they don’t like it, they had better wake up, the US taxpayer will not fund this huge atrocity against humanity. The truth is coming out.

The Eighth Wonder Of The World
The Great Libyan Manmade River Project

The ‘United States’ can’t even build high speed trains let alone anything close to the scale of the vision of Muammar Gaddafi. This astonishing engineering feat provides pristine water to 70% of the people of Libya is now being systematically destroyed by US-NATO Depleted Uranium bombs.



And the desert blooms…

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7 Responses

  1. udopia says:

    NATO is north atlantic terrorist organisation and USA are shameless religious criminals on planet. They are modern crusaders.they are civilised community and follows religion of peace.spread havoc and destrucion all over the world and killed millions.

  2. janet marsh says:

    You say that the American people will not allow the funding of these atrocities. You
    are wrong. The American taxpayer allowed innocent children in Iraq, Palestine [Gaza]
    to be killed and burned to death with those outlawed bombs and we said nothing.
    We allowed over a million Iraqis to die and more from DU that America dropped on
    the whole of Iraq. Not to mention Afghanistan and Gaza. Not one word! And our
    taxes paid for these atrocities. Our soldiers will have to pay the price as they are
    willing participants in this mass murder. Is your son one of them? If so, better
    pray hard and every day that they come to their senses and refuse to commit any more
    crimes against humanity.

    We have become the barbarians of old. How do you like it? What are you going to
    say at Judgement? Excuses? We have none. Politicians are going to burn in Hell
    make no mistake about it and if they think that they will be able to repent before it comes, they are sadly mistaken. Don’t believe in Hell???? Well, because you don’t believe in
    it does not mean that Hell does not exist. I believe in it and it scares the life out of me.
    Hell is hot, painful and forever.

    Take a look at that fat ass Hillary and see the most evil laugh on her face when she
    found out that Kaddafi was murdered. Well, we have given permission to murder
    any Heads of State with no fair trial. Who is next? Our government not to mention
    our politicians. Trust me, I will not shed one tear over any of them. They earned
    everything that they get. janet

  3. RadioFreeAfrica says:

    The man made river project – A megalomaniac project proving Gaddafis insanity.
    Did you wonder where all the water should come from?

    Btw, where are the 400000-500000 who allegedly rallied for Gadafi recently NOW?

  4. J0D says:

    The country I live in and it’s allies are run by murdering, money greedy f…ing pigs. But NO country stands on any moral high-ground. But taking either side in this is wrong. ANY attempt to control FREE people is corrupt. Taking either side just shows you are not free.

  5. war is bad so is the previous slaughtering of lybian people on behalf of gay-brain-sick Gaddafi the clown. dump people, where is war there is always crime, help stopping war, military and defense business worldwide or just keep the mouth shut. sorry this kind of article doesnt help a clue!

    • wiggins says:

      You are a sick little monkey aren’t you. You are also not very bright if you believe all the crap about Gadaffi you read in Zionist controlled Western Media.

  6. What a wonderful site and thankyou for helping expose the NATO/USA war criminals.
    In Australia, the number grows daily in support of Col. Gaddafi/family and the Libyan people.
    We are hopeful that these NATO/USA murderers will be brought to justice and sentenced for these heinous crimes against humanity.

    Stephen Olof Wikblom…Sheep Shearer…Australia

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