Hot Cross Buns | HUGE Nursery Rhymes Collection | 90 Minutes From LittleBabyBum!


Download our videos © El Bebe Productions Limited 0:04 Hot Cross Buns 1:21 Johny Johny Yes Papa 2:31 Ice …


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  1. Shafee Azim says:

    Good for leaning my sister is afanw

  2. naina wakode says:

    amazing video, my son love to watch this video, a great educational video,

  3. Jane Magsayo says:

    I love it I alway watch it them

  4. DAVID1239354 says:

    life saver for my little baby boss now 2 year. thanks a lot for these awesome very long videos. he loves all these music and video.

  5. Alex C says:

    Awesome :)) ✪✪✪✪✪✪

  6. I am so happy we have little baby bum ??☺☺

  7. my little brother always sing all this song on swimming pool

  8. I love little baby bun songs I and my sisters and brothers love this if I didn't put 1 day little baby bun songs the day will be sad and boring
    I said for my friends to subscribe for little baby bun

  9. Grace Law says:

    My Brother loves these videos its like a reward letting him watch them and he loves the songs and animations Thank You

  10. abdu siraj says:

    i love this song im on ma dads acc but when i go on mine will subscribe  LOVE THIS MORE THAN MAM BABY SIS  love no affence i thnk that when the kids sing it sound even better no affenece

  11. abdu siraj says:

    also i love the accent

  12. Our baby daughter love this video!

  13. hot cross buns i like it

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