How can we stop the Illuminati – Documentary Full – parts 1,2,3,4 and 5


There he comes up to speed first part 6 is out !


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  1. Ben Woollin says:

    Nice job m8, but we need more dew to make our l33t hax to noscope the iluminati

  2. I think illuminati is in my graphics card. I have an r9 280. r sounds like yarr , yarr has 4 letters. 280 = 2+8+0 = 10. 10 + 4 = 14. there are 2 total numbers in 14 , 1 and 4. 1 + 4 = 5. five has four letters 5+4 = 9. nine sounds like nein. Hitler said nein. Hitler was a leader. Snipars is a leader. Snipars is illuminati. Can you help me?

  3. StraightUp G says:

    xXx_420degreesNoScope_swegMoneyweed_loominatycuntfirmed_xXx here, awesome documentary! May your Dorito bag be full.

  4. top kek says:

    ayy lmao u ar gonna get copyshrekt m7 y used every maymay possible XDDD

  5. prover16 says:

    We need Dahvid vonderrhair ??????

  6. Nice compilation m9. But the illuminati army is beggining to grow. You must make another video while noscoping the scrubs.

  7. Pig.avi says:

    stop trying to stop us them

  8. sodap0p53 says:

    It appears the Illuminati is trying to infiltrate Steam servers through club penguin. They have hijacked LiquidObsidian's Club penguin account and at this moment are trying to infect Steam with their Illuminati malware.

  9. Conrad Pro says:

    Whats the name of the song at 9:4110:04 called?

  10. loominatiez cunfirmed umg

  11. Batmon says:

    Hello. My name is XxX_NoScrub_scoper_XxX and I discovered a new member of the Illuminati. It i….s………t……………… H..c..d…Y.I…..N.TI

  12. Baconator says:

    The aluminati is real on a commercial I saw the mask that some people wear to show that they are against the aluminati for Google play 

  13. Umm.. I was wondering… what's the wecommended amount of detotated wam to server?

  14. Ray Heat says:

    I wonder why the Mars base I wasn't on

  15. What about ALL the memes?

  16. I agree…but you are wrong about cannibis. They lie about this spiritual medicine, they probably use this for themselves, but why?!?! They don't have a spirit to enlighten with this spirit awakening gift from god.

  17. I withdraw my comment I had lag in the beginning lol they are trying to stop the weedsmokers not you lol!

  18. where is the battlefield

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