How ´Illuminati Programming´ Creates Cold Hearted KILLERS! (2016)


How ´Illuminati Programming´ Creates Cold Hearted KILLERS! (2016) Music courtesy of Chris Zabriskie …


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  1. Brent Dozier says:

    When you REALIZE who "they" are, that should be "PROOF" enough for anyone, that there is ONE TRUE God (Yaweh, whom they oppose) that created and rules all-the BAD news, we are a very small minority.

  2. thank you for putting the truth out there, this is why youtube is trying to stop you

  3. D2thaK2thaG says:

    Very, very good job on the exposure of this "Antichrist beast system" which is largely at work through media.
    Along with the Roman Catholic Church, the Federal Reserve and the United Nations. God bless you KJ!

  4. ambi wallace says:

    Platos cave is the birth of T.V./ Movies. Interesting, how is it that after 10 years of history I have never heard about Plat's cave??? HMMMMM. I know know why because the masonic order controls the stations, in order controls the money, and in turn controls the people and their thoughts/voting/industry, etc.

  5. zero 0000 says:

    i was wondering when someone was going to do the trigger with clothing & color,dig deeper it goes way deeper than what your saying.

  6. gracie06260 says:

    God help us. Thanks KJ… great video.

  7. Kathy Myers says:

    well we heck are YOU trying to do? why am I sitting here listening to you

  8. BUBs says:

    I have a question for the creator of this video.
    Do you eat meat?

  9. BUBs says:

    The frog myth… is a myth. Therfor an incorrect mettaphor; especially for a higher evolved animal such as man. Histories revolutions show what happens when the political pot is slowly brought to the boil.

  10. Thanks for the reminder of "Plato's Cave". Went over it back in 5th grade.

  11. One of the Best You've Ever Put Together KJ. Excellent Work.

  12. KJ, you need to keep these ignorant anti-Semitic commenters on your channel in check. It's a bit disgusting that all these folks are up in arms over cats and dogs (don't get me wrong – I love cats and dogs too, and I don't want any of them to be abused, ever), but hateful comments about human beings based on their religion and ethnic origin are all over this page and no one seems bothered by it, based on the number of thumbs-up. Get a clue, people: You actually can be a Truther without being a white supremacist moron.

  13. Great video, spot on as usual. Knowledge is power, and you my friend are empowering ANYONE who listens to what you have to say. You are giving people the power to see the deception, lies and subliminal messages that are in our faces constantly.
    By you bringing awareness this stuff, you are giving people the power of discernment, and when people can see right threw the trickery, it no longer has the same effects as it once did.

  14. I don't think YouTube will like the direction you're taking. Flack coming your way brother. Hope you keep posting. I love your work.

  15. artistlight says:

    I just subscribed to your channel and didn't see the number move-up, just wanted to let you know. God bless you!

  16. another great insightful video KJ

  17. mark elliot says:

    Why don't you ever mention the Zionists, KJ? The Zionists control your government, politicians, they control the Corporations, they control the media, they control Hollywood, they control Big Pharma, they control the UN, they control the WHO, they control NATO, they control the Financial system but all we hear from you is the ILLUMINATI. Are you afraid to name them or do you like keeping your viewers in the dark? The ILLUMINATI were ZIONISTS, the FREEMASONS/SECRET SOCIETIES are controlled by the ZIONISTS. This is a Jewish plan for world domination but you never mention that fact. WHY???????????????????????

  18. mobius CDXX says:

    i doubt it. them girls are most likely monarch tortured slaves from the mk ultra programme systems. they get raped by handlers in animal and jesus clothing. they have them kill animals that they have them attached to at a young age. in the way they did the act with absolute no sympythy seems that they have been shattered beyond recognotion in their early years then later in life they may have got triggered and simply played out one of there regular acts thro their seperated identitys. most the mainstream are mk conditioned man..

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