How Powerful is Donald Trump – Full Documentary 2016 [HD]


How Powerful is Donald Trump A contender to be the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump is best known as a billionaire real estate mogul and …


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  1. SaGe OwL says:

    This guy hopefully, will be the tombstone of modern day capitalism.

    Or not.

  2. What else will The Simpsons predict?

  3. YEP This is my president~

  4. MyREDTAIL says:

    Business People,? See Problems,? In some of their Failed,? Real Estate ,? Purchases,? Donald Trump,? Sees Potential.? Buys them,? Or takes over the Mortgage,? On them,? And turns it around,? Into a Multi Million Dollar,? Investment,? Etc.? This is the Mind set,? Of a Financial Genius.? This is the kind of a Person,? That America,? Needs,? Running our Country,? That can do the same,? To America's,? Broken Economy, Etc.? And without being,? Politically Correct,?While,? Doing so.?

  5. sa fii binecuvintat trump sar putea ca pt vremurile acestea ai ajuns la putere acum daca vrei sa fii de folos pt americani ai un lucru de facut neaparet sa te predai cu totul totului tot in mina celui care conduce peste cer si pamint daca tu vei dori cu adevarat acest lucru el va veni la tine si teva binecuvinta daca vei cere intelpciune prin care sa poti conduce acest popor care se duce deja pe ripa in jos atunci dumnezeu va fi de partea ta si cum odinioara a fost cu solomon de care banuiesc ca ai auzit din sfinta biblie te va sfatui va fi linga tine si vei avea propasire vei simti in inima ta calauzirea lui si nimeni nu se va putea inpotrivi pentr ca tu vei lucra inpreuna cu dumnezeu donald sint o rominca de virsta ta si doresc sa mergi pe drumul acesta greu cu mare atentie cinstind in inima ta pe fiul lui dumnezeu iti scru din rominia mergi inainte sanatos si cu mare atentie gad blesiu

  6. WhichLens says:

    He got so far over the roof ! Great to be be insulted too, like it so much !!! Pur fun !!!
    USA is so rich : does it need a President ???…. why not, for the kids.

  7. Hector Trejo says:

    didnt ronald reagan pass policies that fucked up americas idustry ? lol made in china began

  8. NiftyTheLynx says:

    When you're watching this from the future and you're supposed to call him President-elect Trump now

  9. Jhjk vsfsf says:

    the poor and middle class working people has chosen a president who
    belongs to top 1%, and is poster boy of the bad products created by the
    corrupted system, God will be unable to save the people of this country

  10. LUpilot2012 says:

    Douche bag that said Trump appeals to the people that "hate the rich"… he must not understand that it's the democrats that want to redistribute the rich's wealth. Moron.

  11. Panzer Blitz says:

    Trump is not only a rapist. He's an extremely dangerous criminal psychotic.

  12. Joknee Kash says:

    trump is the best man ever exists

  13. martel hinds says:

    People are tired of lying politicians the world over and I sure would welcome a real Human being

  14. Sir Toffee says:

    Donald Trump is one of the most powerful people in the world now that he is the United States president.

  15. Harry He says:

    Trump should start doing "the apprentice" show in the white house. I'd totally watch. "You are fired!"

  16. vvhothehecks says:

    Politics aside, I still think he is a very successful businessman. I don't care how much he loaned from his father to start his business, but if you loaned anyone 1 million dollars or to your kids maybe, it is very unlikely that they will turn it into billions. Maybe he did failed in his casino and some business, but he was still able to flip it from bankruptcies to 450millions or more, WTF… I am more interested in how he do business than his presidency lol

  17. Joey Vazquez says:

    i hope trump gets assassinated ??

  18. Matt S says:

    Holy shit, I never realised Trump was in Home Alone 2 lmfao.

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