How Russia Plans To Fight World War 3


This is a dream from the 19th May 2016 on the Russian military strategy on how to best deal with U.S/NATO. The dream shows how the Russians plan to defeat …


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  1. walter lorne says:

    Well, I hope that there is NEVER going to be a WW3 with Russia. There are a lot of Australians with divided loyalties, many of whom have a very strong and prosperous business & financial relationship with Russia & China. We're siding with a country that is more than $ 18 TRILLION in debt which can never be repaid and is a slave to the Khazarian JEWISH Mafia. China has more than 3 Trillion Dollars worth of US T Bonds, if it dumps those then the world paper money currency based on the ???US DOLLAR will collapse overnight and the price of Oil, Gold & Silver will go thru the roof (literally). Israhell will be hit by multiple EMPs by Russian N 22s IMMEDIATELY & will be essentially ERASED from the history books (regardless of how many nukes, current estimate 800 to 1200 israhell has in its possession. Dimona & Tel Aviv a nuclear wasteland for many thousands of years. The world will be a COMPLETELY different place from now both Geopolitically & Geophysically. Not an entirely pretty image too graphic to put into words. Hooroo ???

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