How Star Wars Attack Of The Clones Should Have Ended


How Attack of the Clones Should Have Ended! I hate YouTube descriptions… they’re long and tedious, and the links go everywhere. Not like here… here …


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  1. Padme: Uh, like can I get a different Jedi?
    Windu: How bout' me?(Does eyebrows)
    Padme: Well at least he's not doing "eyebrows".
    Windu: Ok keep Vader.
    Ani:YES! WOO-HOO! WOO-HOO!! Oh ya babe!
    Padme: Ok Windu which coffee do you want tonight?

  2. M8 I'm Bill says:

    Obi Wan: Are all the Jedi busy?
    Yoda:Yes, sit here on cushions we must.

    That made me have a fit xD

  3. i sense a lot of well placed grief with this movie

  4. Darth Malgus says:

    You know, the way Palpatine says it , it sounds like git star

  5. Darth Malgus says:

    Look at 4:29 below Death star

  6. Now I know the point of Jar Jar!

  7. Cam Kimber says:

    1:48 is my least favourite part of all the star wars movies

  8. You see, he has this youngling with him.. BACK!!! BACK!!! XD best part

  9. 4:30 I like the totoro cameo from my neighbor totoro in the background :)

  10. Now why didn't Yoda think if that in the actually movie it could have saved them a whole lot of trouble.

  11. Jacob Dopp says:

    Obi wan I hate when he does that

  12. 4:32 You Did WHAT?! errr uh I mean…Tank goodness! yay! hehehe…execute order, sixty six

  13. 3:13 I can swing my sword!

  14. Hi Ps4 says:

    Who likes this one better ??or ??

  15. Sagar Singh says:

    I like Thor pop up when anikin jump out of the ship

  16. SckiTEH says:


  17. Hey how's it going? Way To Ho. husky disagreeable What's happening.1

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