How Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Should Have Ended


How Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Should Have Ended! The dark side of youtube is a pathway to many comment sections some would consider to be…


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  1. "Yoda, where you at?! I'm gonna be a father!" haha rofling

  2. I liked Mace's speech before confronting Palpatine was good; it was pretty disappointing in the movie when Kit Fisto and the other two got beaten so easily, I mean it looked like Anakin had a harder time time killing the younglings, they at least tried to run

    I think that another possible scene would have been at the end when Anakin jump up at Obi-Wan who responded with a Force Push instead; Anakin had just proved to be his equal in close combat just hit him while he's in the air

  3. Leavero0o says:

    It's over Anakin ! I have the high ground !

    Well..From my point of view you have the lava ground !! LOL XD

  4. I know Master Windu is not dead

  5. jobriq5 says:

    Who else was mad as fk when Palpatine killed Kit Fisto in like half a second with that sideways spinny jump?  I mean its fucking KIT FISTO.  He's like the most badass squidface jedi ever.

  6. its over Obi Wan! I have the lava ground!
    wait, what did I say?

  7. Kazzard89 says:

    After watching an animated version of Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson How about making a "How Jumper should have Ended"

  8. Brandon Yan says:

    I kinda hoped Ahsoka would show up at the end. It's kinda sad that everybody ignores that show even though it's canon.

  9. GhillyComics says:

    the "child part" of me really loves this, thanks guys, you're amazing ant the Force is strong in you

  10. Still a better story than The Force Awakens

  11. Yes that ending was way better

  12. Trillo333 says:

    that was surprisingly emotional

  13. Kcalb Noil says:

    I feel that the prequels shouldn't be dismissed from the overall story but should be remade.

  14. Sang Hun Nam says:

    Lol the Mace Windu is the win

  15. Realmente era assim Q deveria ter terminado

  16. Vixorous says:

    you know, instead of shocking yourself you could just kill him.

  17. ZETRIX POWER says:

    2:48 this is kinda a refference to the darth jar jar theory that was exposed at reddit weeks ago
    so thanks HISHE for this refference
    now we know the truth
    binks is the real GL villain he was holding up all these years
    and we can hope that if jar jar is the badass and not the asshole he is we will get shocked to see him as the lord sith

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