How Star Wars The Phantom Menace Should Have Ended


Maybe if the queen focused more on making her case to the senate instead of focusing on changing in and out of elaborate costumes so much… After all she …


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  1. Henry McKee says:

    Jar jar banks is a shith

  2. 1:29 reminds me one of Mr Plinkett's scenes in his Star War reviews.

  3. Peter1999 says:

    Makes No Sense At All

    except killing jar jar

  4. X_exaf says:

    Why do so many people hate jar jar I never understood why?

  5. jar jar makes every movie amazing. he's the key to everything.

  6. Peter Mader says:

    ???????? jar jar dies ⁉️??

  7. At 0:51, two E.T.s, George Lucas, two Gorns, two of the "Mars Attacks!" Martians, Superman and Supergirl, two TARDIS's, Ewoks, Avatar aliens, two Gonzos, amongst others. LOL.

  8. I'm surprised you guys didn't make some joke about how Anakin not being trained as a Jedi could've saved the entire galaxy.

  9. ironmaster64 says:

    01:27 Mr plinkett did it first

  10. jar jar binks really fine misa go to hell

  11. Sokolniki says:

    I sort of want to see Darth Maul in that final room from the duel with all the Jedi Masters caught up between all the shield barriers.

  12. AFCADaan9 says:

    The last one is true, when obi-wan had the high ground anakin instantly lost, but when darth maul had the high ground it didn't mean shit…

  13. Liam Powell says:

    quigon died out of all of them

  14. THANK GOODNESS they killed Jar Jar

  15. Kara Fischer says:

    I just noticed the Kryptonian representatives in the senate chamber. Nice touch, HISHE!

  16. sahil khan says:

    For those who wants traditional animation back .check james lopez hullabaloo

  17. lol for JAR JAR LOL ??

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