How the Bullets / WEAPONS are made in USA factories- FULL DOCUMENTARY 2017


How the bullets are made in USA factories weaponry military power American




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  1. ArmyOfAll says:

    I presume this documentary will show me tens of thousands of american black prisoners slaving away producing most of the small arms, flack jackets and helmets for the private corporations to sell to the US military for billions of dollars while the prisoners, toil for a dollar an hour for these capitalist corporations?

    No? I wonder why…

  2. E Williams says:

    Yanks rounds are shit, the British Army wont touch them.

  3. Three Aces says:

    Thought Obama closed this plant down? Don't get the ones made in China as the Little Kid's should be in school, not making Bombs.

  4. Without commentating on specific content, the propaganda in this is so transparent that only seriously impaired people could not perceive it. Surely there is no one so naive? It's like Soviet 1950's. Tell me we have a more intelligent populace please.

  5. DeltarPrime says:

    "Casualties on both sides were enormous, because of the rifled barrel" Hmm i see. Were casualties lower in a battle where everyone lined up and shot volleys before charging and hacking and stabbing at each other in close quarters?

  6. ah Ha that's what I am talking about my Tax money put to good use.

  7. phuck ewe says:

    @ 42:00
    ah, Ah, AH, Bullshit!

  8. phuck ewe says:

    @ 26:00 That's not entirely true.

  9. 30:28 what's cheech doing on that poster?

  10. Jason Manuel says:

    hey you fucking retards, bullets are used to kill…..dont make them…assholes

  11. betchalife says:

    I think this old cunt would be surprised what a .22 short can do.
    Easily penetrate 1/2 pine board at 100 ft and continue on.
    Also subsonic .22 short are less noise than a pellet gun.
    I've some CCI .22 short high velocity they are around 1150 fps with a 29 grain hollow point.
    this is easily lethal at pistol range with proper shot placement. Also most .22 cal pistols have double the mag capacity as larger caliber pistols.

  12. Am I the only one who's jealous as fuck all hell?

  13. They make this ammo with our tax money so their loving cops can kill us all. There are 8 billion people but they plan on missing, so they figure 100 rounds per person will even out to killing 80+ percent of us. They will need some of us to use as experiments to breed the perfect rape slaves. Cops are corrupt and sadistic, pure monsters

  14. Looks like I need to upgrade my rockchucker

  15. john S says:

    VLE gun is dumb as it gets, if an officer is down and being attacked a civilan can't pick up officers weapon and help him. What is there is an EMP, bet that computer firearm will not work……or what if cop wants non lethal but it shot the 9mm killing the person

  16. Jeremy Orr says:

    fire the director that was a belt not a magazine damn son your the history channel get it right lol

  17. Ross DuClair says:

    You Leftist liberals are so pathetic. This factory is highly regulated by the environmental protection agency. Their job is to make ammunition. Of course they are designed to kill; that's what bullets do. American soldiers wouldn't shoot bullets if USA enemy's would stop attacking us. The Islamist will respect us when we kill them.

  18. olmosm1 says:

    Are those 100's of thousand hollow points that our Government purchased for there agencies, safe with no lead. Always thinking of us.

  19. WORLD PEACE says:

    they are fighting for me, so no one comes at me…lol….

  20. How the Bullets / WEAPONS are made in USA factories- FULL DOCUMENTARY 2017
    Daily Military Updates

  21. David Gagnon says:

    These are good patriotic Americans helping to support their troops. Thank GOD for people like this. As a veteran thank you all soo much . God bless you and thank you .

  22. Kenny wu says:

    uploaded on dec 19th 2016, the documentary says 2017 but is way older, i dont know what year you live in, is it 2018 yet? thumbs down on this 1

  23. MrAubery says:

    EARTH is F.L.A.T this corporation protector MILITARY helps deceive with FALSE MAPS.  INVESTIGATE MILITARY & NASA   ….   then you'll really see who the SLAVES are & to who & what – a satan worshipping crackheads dream

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