How the Illuminati Destroyed Venezuela



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  1. The background music is so trash

  2. Vale was here – END THE FED

  3. SRV. 123 says:

    What bullshit. The hidden hand. It was the style of the 1700's and 1800's. Even the soldiers in the civil war have photographs with that style. Not to mention photo's of cowboys and business people of all classes. Don't be an ass. I can't comment on the rest of your theory.

  4. do one on the Dominican Republic

  5. Big E's Log says:

    Venezuela's problem is that they never experienced communism and strong central planning. That is the problem all this crap has been spout out for over 120 years that the bankers are behind it all. They did this to themselves. There is no free lunch.

  6. adapta link says:

    Omg. How do you beat the Illuminati at their game? They have think tanks. And economic financial assassins. How do government get to print their own money? And maintain sovereignty. We are reduced to savages. ?

  7. this economic situation, in that country is caused by curruption and failure to diversify, they are not the only country that are in trouble, but gross mismanagement is the culprit here.

  8. this whole video is a load of shit.

  9. Nani Girl says:

    Leave the music out so we can hear you.

  10. Please. In the name of God, remove the background music. I can't concentrate on it and your monotone voice. Just talk. I'll listen.

  11. Lmao, the only thing that destroyed Venezuela was the Socialism and the fucking Evil Hugo Chávez and its ideologies. They stole all the money of our country. You have to live here to understand the situation.

  12. Bill Dred says:

    Drat, we are exposed!

  13. Chavez destroyed Venezuela……and socialism..of course..

  14. AndyBiz10 says:

    This is an incredible video, kudos for all the translations, as a latino I can appreciate the effort put into pronunciation. The information is top notch.

  15. excelente información es cierto ellos están por todos lados saludos desde venezuela

  16. Dana Kelly says:

    Question : In your opinion, what system should be in place? Capitalizism isn't working either. Since the Illuminati runs things, I can't see any system working.

  17. Dana Kelly says:

    Wonderful video

  18. Dana Kelly says:

    Excellent analysis

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