How the illuminati show the “End of Time” in Movies! (R$E)


Uncovered: Occult symbolism in Hollywood displaying the Conclusion of Time and the destruction of time/area. This is the aim of CERN and the success of biblical prophecy.. the destruction/cracking by means of the OX and the opening of the pit.
Jumanji, Titanic, Inception, San Andreas and numerous new movies clearly show this quite agenda.

RSE is an independant outreach ministry to expose the darkness to aid the globe see Christ. I have now resolved to devote all of my time to spreading the gospel by means of these endeavours. If you really feel guide to aid assistance this function in its expansion, for equipment and residing prices you should click on the hyperlink below. (1 Corinthians 9)


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  1. Amen my Brother in Jesus Christ.

  2. This is all too much of a stretch. This guys the one who's cracked.

  3. Religion NEVER sets anyone free, it is the complete opposite to freedom and it is part of the cabal, you blind bastard ! Religion is a tool to divide and conquer the people ! Turning people into slaves of dogma, while the cabal is watching them fight amongst each other ! If anyone needs to wake up, it is YOU !

  4. Hanna G says:

    It is quite an observation you made -that people who get angry when you mention Jesus is the spirit of the anti-christ.

  5. Amber Bills says:

    love your videos, thank you for getting the truth out.

  6. jj S says:

    open portal for jinn

  7. D DAWGG says:

    The best thing that could happen for this planet is for we humans to disappear off the face of it.

  8. alex rimal says:

    Yes of many "conspiracies" and theories in this world, Hollywood DEFINITELY sends out direct messages, warnings and indications of what is to come and people who can read this are few but yes somehow it is all real, I mean like in World of the Worlds with Tom cruise for example, it may not be literally an Alien cyborg invasion but it may come in another form to us and it will be awful. I feel like there is little we can do because you have many many many people who do not believe that these things are actually being planned for the masses and being prepared for us, they will have an even greater battle when it happens and that will be the shock of the event itself happening in front of everyone.

  9. Good God just get to the damn point of it, you're slipping up on the explanations and boring everyone with pausing and adding your input, this ain't no damn commentary and I'm sure that you're not doing an essay on this shit so get to the damn POINT OF IT ALL: I swear the end of times will kill me before I finish this video

  10. Sorry for disappointing you, but Illuminati also claimed that Jesus is a Lord! He is a Messenger (Pbuh) and he didn't die!
    Also Mohammed (Pbuh) is a Messenger and he was the last Messenger of Almighty God.
    Jews have been playing these games since the time of Jesus (Pbuh).
    Allah knows best.

  11. Dennis Lane says:

    on the board each side is as above so below

  12. RoAcH812 says:

    wow…this is a joke. pull your head from your overly paranoid ass. there is no supernatural state of anything going on…you kinda seem to be making your own crazy correlations EVERY SINGLE SCENE. calm down bub. jumanji is a great movie. rip Robin

  13. and what's the meaning of the cracking oh gosh please explain it, of did I miss it? I think you just said it once something about it, I'm at minute 12:10, I'm at 16:30 same, you're video is soooo frustrating. I've never seen anything more frustrating in my whole life, I hate watching those movies that create desperation and you not explaining?? You are making us just watch despair.. Horrendous video no point

  14. shut ur dumb as brit fuck uk

  15. They are preparing for Anti-Christ (Dajjal) the one eyed creature who has the ability to change its appearance (more like a shape shifter).It will have a reptilian body.And it will have fire coming out of its one hand and water from the other.

  16. and none of your info is on point

  17. your a FUCKING idiot

  18. omfg dude plz stop you are pulling bullshit from anywhere. and you just called a trombone a trumpet. wow now I know you are dumb as fuck


  20. _Pickles_ says:

    I really hope that none of this stuff is tied in with my Jewish faith in anyway, kinda sick of seeing all this lizard conspiracy bullshit.

  21. M Fadzil says:

    will you pray to jesus or to The One who jesus prayed to?

  22. 2ToTheDome says:

    Predictive programming

  23. Skeet Parish says:

    if ILLUMINATI IS not REAL we shouldn't get killed

  24. Alex Ramirez says:

    do u see the face in the middle

  25. the emergence from a womb is yogic metaphor describing the tragedy of normal muscle entropy, where we lose the natural athleticism of babyhood, when we are springy, and become stuck and hardened in our own skin. Odin on the tree. Christ on the cross. These heroes are in an epic struggle like Israel with God, to free their musculature from the hardened condition of less agile human existence. This urbane secret is understood by a city's priesthood, or not understood, and appears in the art of that priesthood, obsessively. The basic struggle emerges like phalllus in Victorian candelabra variously in their art. If the priesthood is benevolent, the art guides people to recognize their inner being or springy child-like physical condition. If they are malevolent, they may translate the cowed human being's body into a mockery, such as we see in American culture which has sought to transform the middle class into couch potatoes.

  26. racial equality is included

  27. Pretty good conspiracy theories entertaining

  28. They use drones fiering microwayves at ur brain giving u canser . Under attack now in Norway . Have prof

  29. John Trioxin says:

    you speak of the false light, Lucifer was the light bringer. the Bible's got a few names for hi. like the bringer of light of the morning star. he was cast down for a reason. he understood your Lords lies

  30. Its a trombone not a trumpet
    you spanner

  31. they are remaking this movie…

  32. Cody Nichols says:

    I loved Jumanji. You dick.

  33. One tinny detail, something that I had read a long time ago, it is that the OUIJA Board was actually invented by Mary Todd Lincoln. She had apparently created the board to contact her departed husband, as she became slightly insane and obsessed about his death. The name OUI-JA means YES (FRENCH-OUI) and YES (JA-GERMAN) which are two of the languages that Abraham Lincoln was able to speak. Mary Todd wasn't sure about what language to use to make the board, because her husband spoke so many languages.

  34. What a load of utter bullshit.

  35. juerhe1 says:

    ……………………THANKs for your WORK. I am new in this things. Is there a page where all these informations, symbols or whatever is brought togehter, so that beginners can find a way in this? ………….and is there a proof for all this things, that they are really all meant satanic? And why should people like bush , obama etc. believe in such things (Bohemian Grove). Why should they?????? What to they get from it??????? Please Explain

  36. michelle x says:

    the most important part is the boy …..blending of the species….the spiders ,,,,black goo…go to Harold Vella and learn about black goo and the spider connection this is about transhumanism….please check this out everyone is missing this piece of the final end game …… need to know this you really do then you will see. nicholso1968 puts it together for you..

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