How the U.S. Invented ‘al Qaeda’!


by Len Hart, the Existentialist Cowboy

Al Qaeda was a U.S. creation, specifically a product of inverted right wing psuedo logic. If ‘al Qaeda’ did not exist, never mind –the shills would invent it and cite it to justify wars abroad, crackdowns on freedom at home! They would bestow upon it a virtual existence via press releases, propaganda and outright lies –deliberate attempts to mislead the American people!

Bin Laden should pay royalties to the U.S. right wing if, indeed, he ever benefited from his new found celebrity, his holographic ‘creation’ by the mass media, his elevation to arch-enemy status! His is falsely characterized as the ‘mega-terrorist’ brain behind a sinister world terrorist organization resembling an octopus with tentacles in every real or fictitious terrorist attack. There had not been anything like it since Bond fought SPECTRE –an evil terrorist organization specializing in terrorism and extortion. In the Bushco rewrite the part of Blofeld is played by Bin Laden.

It was a crock!

It was the CIA which bestowed upon Bin Laden himself his near mythical image of sinister master terrorist who commanded a vast world wide network from deep inside a cave in Tora Bora. This was all really, really bad fiction. Many Hollywood producers would have laughed out of their offices anyone daring to pitch it! It was, it seems, a very, very bad rewrite of Ala Baba and his 40 thieves. Ali, like Binny, lived in a cave but –alas –did not have cell phones. But neither did Bin Laden.The immediate acceptance of the Bush official conspiracy theory proves the diminishing IQs of those who insist upon believing it. The consolation is this: the CIA has no future in Hollywood!

A bad b-movie!

According to the official version of the lie (charitably: the ‘myth’) goes something like this: the CIA and the Saudis are said to have funded and armed Bin Laden throughout the 80s. His mission impossible: wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. In fact, Bin Laden was working for the CIA.

Simply –Al-Qaeda means ‘the base’; in this case –the computer data base of thousands of mujahideen trained and recruited by the CIA. The mission: defeat the Russians. This is cold war James Bond stuff and, in some cases, a just a bad rewrite. Life imitates spy movies.

The problem has become apparent over time: Washington did not know what to do with this ‘database’, this network that had become obsolete with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It obviously never occurred to DC spooks and/or analysts that with the withdrawal of the Soviet Union, Ala Baba, uh, Bin Laden would focus upon U.S. imperialism throughout the Middle East! But did he? More likely –he was just the convenient scapegoat for an inside job that would become the pre-text, the boogie-man to be cited as justifying a war for the oil resources of Iraq, the poppy (opium) resources of Afghanistan.

The source for how ‘al Qaeda’ got its name is Sir Robin Cook, the former British Foreign Secretary. In order to protest the British connection to this sorry story, Cook resigned his job.




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  1. dj says:

    this is serious

  2. we had that already a couple of times and no one interested in it. Shall we clarify that it isnt the US but a number of influential elements on the US inventing, lying, cheating and silencing like masters of the dark? These are not only zionists but all they got in common is the hunger of power and playing with human life. The jew-zion comes out of a region of arabian desert where these sort of hoaxes and made stories are very popular while a single lie to a caucasian human is a sign of dishonesty and “not worthy to deal with”. So they invented the Al Qaida or showed to the US military and secret service of how to build up stories in order to get public opinion on their side. Al Quida was mentioned shortly after 9/11 and it looks like they did that to make Osama Bin Laden something different and to show the serious thread on what we all suspect a “inside job”. Arabs are no saints at all but when you lie on to them or do insult them those are getting furious and dangerous for real and this the muppet masters do know very well. The paranoid US military and agencies game is a build up which took about 70 years to get there, but it is predictable like it serves to one true power source they dont know nothing about it or do not wanting to know.

    Any arab friend was laughing at me when it became to Al Quida because that doenst exist nor doenst mean a true thing within. A code name of security officers and since the americans are so tremendeous educated and trained in foreign language laugh your a off when you find out it pretended to mean something totally different The US press picked up on it and had a marketing shape on it on the Bush likes will, yesterday ready to asessinate Assange and tomorrow its own brother.

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