How To Get Recruited By The Illuminati in 2015


My latest video: “The Murder of Max Spiers and the War of the Roses – FULL DOCUMENTARY” …


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  1. GlobalLova84 says:

    I see this potentially running along with or merging with the New Age religion, as they too will be fooled. Illuminate is almost perfect for that, the light! Blah,,Blah,,,Blah,,

  2. Driver says:

    Fuck you devils. Anyone who joins them, your prosperity will be temporary. Judgement day is coming soon. 

  3. Driver says:

    By the way my comment wasn't towards the maker of this video. 

  4. sc0tte1 says:

    Benjy NotonYahoo doesn't look happy to be there lol.  Looks like they changed the 'official' illuminati site and added some stuff, and have been busy writing books now huh.

  5. kingg213 says:

    WTF did I just watch?? If this is phony or a goof someone put a lot of time, effort and money into it!!

  6. YOUCITY says:

    GlobalAgenda , it looks like the illumjnati has posted a response concerning your video 

  7. They are trying to say that this book is a fraudulent website, but when you look @ the display and quality effort put into the site and book. #GlobalAgendaMK (me) calls it #BS (bullshit). 

  8. B Sanchez says:

    Go to amazon search for the book Illuminatiam The First Testament of the Illuminati. Read all 200 and something reviews. All the reviews are praising the illuminati and thanking them for always watching out for us. its really creepy that people are starting to believe they are our gods

  9. cris sanchez says:

    wtf go for it just be ready to go to hell

  10. Zeaiclies says: is in fact our legitimate American based facilities of our organization and open to public enrollment and education for all who seek the Light, unity, peace, and wisdom.

  11. Zeaiclies says:

    We the Illuminati are not Satanic or Devil worshipper's.

  12. Do we get keychains too?

  13. Excuse me. But after watch this complete video and taking the time to reading through every posted comment and reply, I really have to say this: All of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I sincerely hope that none of you have the audacity to claim or pretend to be"REAL" Christians. @GlobalAgenda – Besides the fact that you didn't even bother to actually read the Illuminatiam book at all before making snide remarks and a child-like insults about it. You also perpetuate and reinforce the negative, uneducated, low IQ, bigotry-prone, bully stereo-type of Christians. That detestable behavior is more an example of the devil at work than your so-called 'devil-worshiping' Illuminati.

    As for the rest of you, I am sorry that your lives are so sad and so bereft of the light and the presence of God that you have had to substitute it with the narcissistic ego-juice of 'self-righteousness' in order to feel alive. If as the bible says that 'God is love, and he who dwelt in love, dwells in God and God in him,' than I can safely says that there is no love or kindness here and obviously no love nor God in you nor your hearts at least at this time. Perhaps you should all continue to work out your OWN Salvation with FEAR and TREMBLING and work on your own selves and remove the Bile that spews out of your own mouths before you begin a 'self-righteous' crusade to 'Save the World'.

    And to those of you in the Illuminati and to all non-believers who have read these childish and a rude posts – I would like to officially apology on be half of all Christians and believers in Christ for that childish and pedantic display and ridicule for this organization by the poster of this video and all of those whom have commented on it below. They are young, foolish and ignorant and have yet to learn the truth and the core of Christianity. I would ask you all to forgive them because that they no not what they do.

    Hopefully, you will be understanding and realize that their malicious behavior and comments was based in their own fears and internal doubts of their faith and their inability to put away childish things. This is not a representation of true Christianity nor the christian spirit of loving-kindness. Its a sad truth but unfortunately, you cannot judge a religion by its followers.

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