How to start a world war



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  1. Thwart~ I'll mirror it. Didn't want to make another negative video.. so I've been playing around on google earth some. Peace and Much Love.

  2. towerman3434 says:

    leave it to the jews to do something like that. Good lookin out John.

  3. Snordelhans says:

    Please try not to fuck my video's up when you repost. Credit would also be the civil thing to do.

  4. johshphrd says:

    No the civil thing would not be coming on here, with such an attitude & to publicly whine about me changing an over used automated voice, with such language.
    As for credit, i gave credit to the video's i sorced from.
    If you dont like me using the video i suggest you use the copyright process that is what it is there for, & in future if you dont wont to others using your precious clips, maybe you should try branding your stuff.

  5. ratje67 says:

    Yes of course, starting a war is much cheaper than dismantling an old ship.

  6. towerman3434 says:

    @Xboxzilla what a jew

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