How To Survive World War 3

6 How To Survive World War 3 You can easily find that some survivalists have no sort of survival plan what so ever.



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  1. How To Survive World War 3? Very easy.
    Become a Jew.

  2. I bet this is a wrong interpretation.

  3. Example of metaphores:
    *And rises up covering the black.
    Interpretations depending which kind of person:
    1- White people attacking black citizens.
    2- A woman just having sex. (a dick going up covering her hole)
    3- A woman just getting warm with her bed sheets.
    Let´s start to don´t use bible or any kind of religion as the center of the world.
    That´s just ridiculous.

  4. look u say u study theolgy. the Lord says wisdom of men is not wisdom

  5. Oh shut the Fuck up about that Bible,,!!!!

  6. It makes sense Putin is Christian now. On your face atheists!

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