HUGE FASHIONNOVA SPRING TRYON CLOTHING HAUL 2016. New Arrivals, trendy pieces + Coupon Codes


Hey Lovelies, I miss you guys so much and im back for sure. I have an update video that I will be editing and uploading soon. so glad to be back. Please leave …


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  1. tigereyes5 says:

    Glad you're back! Do you know our Instagram page isn't working?

  2. Thank you for such a lovely vid with all the try ons

  3. Desta Batson says:

    I missed u boo! u look gorgeous doll & love the pieces

  4. Rucha Bodas says:

    Love all the clothes! You have such a good body girl! ?

  5. missblansh says:

    Happy that you're back …Always on point

  6. Nice Hauls…. all are cute. welcome back.

  7. edna sia says:


  8. FWM Beauty says:

    You just made me want to go shopping sooo bad!! ?? lol

  9. Ida Shi says:

    you are so beautiful !!!loving you

  10. Your shape is so cute.

  11. cate344 says:

    beautiful , you better work. you better give us a make up tutorial on this look. more look books and story time

  12. THE CALHOUNS says:

    I've been wanting to order from this site

  13. I'm so happy your back from a Ghanaian girl to other love you xxxx

  14. Love this video gonna buy the jacket !! Xx

  15. Annie Subah says:

    Hey, I'm new to your channel.., those outfits look great on you girl. Thanks for the coupon code!

  16. Leya Moise says:

    how tall are you?

  17. Awesome video everything looks great on you as always. If you ever did a swimsuit haul try on it would break the internet lol

  18. good buys girl!!! I got the twisted top in taupe as well. However, it does not look like that on me. lbvs. My breast are huge so, i will be putting a safety pin to close it a bit (the opening).

  19. tray spells says:

    you have such a cute shape I love your videos…

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