Huge Sephora Holiday Haul! Gift Sets + New Arrivals


Open me for more info! Products Mentioned: Ciate London Makeup Set:


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  1. Wanda Checo says:

    Your makeup, your hair, your dress.. Everything is soooo beautiful. ❤️?

  2. Jayden L says:

    You look stunning ?

  3. Hi Sadie. U still young 25 not old at all. I'm 32 that old too me girl. I would love try face mask. I love face mask lot. Yes please do get ready with me with that new makeup eyeshadows. I hope u feeling much better beautiful. God bless love u.xo?❤

  4. I'm getting some serious Carmen Electra vibes from you.You are gorgeous and seem so sweet and that dress looks so freaking good on you.

  5. Anah L says:

    You are the best Youtuber ♥ just wanted to say 🙂
    Watching :-)

  6. Jesssi Jesss says:

    Awwww You Look So Beautiful!?? Thank You For This Video And For All Your Time And Efffort You Do Even When Your Going Though Your Own Things, I Hope Everything Is Fine!?❤?? Take Care XoXoXo Jessica!??

  7. Hi Sadie! Can you please give me some tips and how to dress for an interview with Sephora?! Thank you xoxo!!

  8. BesoYT says:

    I wish they had the Sephora Favourites set online! It's a hassle for me to actually get to the nearest store. 🙁 I love the dress by the way!

  9. Whenever they come out with their holiday sets I want them all! It's so hard to choose between them lol

  10. Filomena J. says:

    I would love if you did a get ready with me using the Ciate London palette. I have been wanting to get that one so I am interested to see how it performs

  11. daphnee14 says:

    I'm gonna be 25 on November 8th! I feel you on the old thing haha

  12. I'm totally getting the holy sheet!

  13. BorEdZz says:

    Hi Sadie! Hope you're feeling better/doing well ?

  14. cheergirl744 says:

    All your videos and vlogs are just you showing off what expensive stuff you bought or got for free..

  15. lisa hoffman says:

    Please do a look with the palette! So pretty!

  16. chris r says:

    Hope your feeling better ❤️

  17. Sara marie says:

    You look so gorgeous❤ loving that lip color! It compliments what your wearing perfectly. So excited for the giveaway? Your so sweet for doing them. Im loving whats in the sephora favorites set❤ I had cruella before and i loved it! Ive always wanted to try a becca highlighter? The bag is so pretty too! Lovee?? oh my gosh i need that mask collection in my life. The nars blush looks like such a pretty color. I love bite beauty❤ the ciate pallete looks so pretty. I would love to see you create a look with it! Hope your having a great day and all is well!

  18. Love that dress where is it from?

  19. Tiana Martin says:

    You're so pretty and the lip color looks good on you ?

  20. Love you and your videos!

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