Hunting The Lost Symbol [2010] [Dan Brown]


Hunting The Lost Symbol.


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  1. LOL this documentry knows…shit..totally wrong from start to finish

  2. nmn b says:

    All that painting symbolizes is Washingtonlost his mind and forgot to wear pants,so he had to put a blanket on.

  3. alainmcin says:

    A lot of fun to watch, thanks for the upload

  4. AsheeAshee says:

    great book, might have to read it again

  5. kim herrick says:

    drawing a line from m to a to s to o to n on the dollar bill does not make the symbol shown in the video…..????

  6. All this talk of symbols…isnt it the case that symbols from ancient times to the present have been used in the furtherance of religion,the cult of mysteries and to show the supposed Illuminati at work amongst us….show any one the cross,crescent,6 pointed star,pyramid etc and everyone will associate accepted religious dogma or parallel mysteries as fact or at least something that is a wonder that is beyond their understanding. The thing is there were no symbols until we made them as representations of our beliefs but that in no way proves that the beliefs themselves have any basis in historical or supernatural fact.

  7. austrorus says:

    whatever it is, one thing is for sure. Dan Brown is laughing all the way to the bank. and good for him. and for me his books are at least for a few hours easy reading and good entertainment.

  8. Wait, the Masons have fish frys?? I wanna join!!!

  9. why did r howard not make the lost symbol into a movie because it would cause trouble and drama. the
    politicians wold get a problem.ha ha lool

  10. George Loyie says:

    At 20 minutes in I listened to the commentator tell us one of the reasons behind Masonic secrecy and that it's a way to teach a person to "keep their word". Any man or woman who can truly keep their word is rare these days because only a very few percent of us can actually keep our word. Why? It's simple: It's because we are thoughtful and because we know our own limits and make no promises above that which could lead us to not be able to keep our word. It's a good solid thing, being able to keep your word and a shame that so very few of us choose to respect that basic though most important ideology.
    I'd love to join the Masons but I live in a small mountain town now and there's not too much here. I've lived in the big cities but I grew tired of it all and most of the people I tried to trust, well they just couldn't seem to keep their word or even a little secret, like they had no pride.

  11. johnmonk66 says:

    Once they said people could be locked in a room and magically influence other people they showed them selves to be idiots. That shit was disproven a thousand times. WHy do they say it is real? Because who would fund them if they said it was bullshit?

  12. altarush says:

    If the disciples who were mostly uneducated fishermen unlike Levi and Judas I. made this all up, then how did ST. Paul get involved?

  13. Most people wouldnt even be able to read if they weren't forced to. None of this is secret, none more conspiratorial than corporates buying their way to take over world Gov.s, All has been stated quite clearly. The sheep are the 1's who are too scared to think about it, as there is nothing they think they can Do about it

  14. of course 1 +3 doesnt equal 2, but the knowlege doesnt even have to be suppressed, just ridiculed

  15. Sayan Das says:

    In whatever ways the masons try to make themselves look good or bearer of light, its of no use, the entire world now know the TRUTH. The most evil kind of people that can exist on this planet

  16. ring leader: dark wing duck

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