Husband Watches Helplessly on Video Chat as Pregnant Wife is Stabbed Repeatedly

Kimberly Paxton

One thing that makes long separations between couples a little bit easier is the ability to log on to the internet and video chat across the miles.

For one couple, however, this turned into a nightmare.

Husband Watches Helplessly on Video Chat as Pregnant Wife is Stabbed Repeatedly

Rachel Poole, an El Paso woman who was 9 months pregnant, was on Facetime (which is a video chat application from Apple) talking to her husband, Justin Poole, who was returning home from being stationed overseas. Little did she know that Corey Bernard Moss, a 19-year-old soldier based out of Fort Bliss, had broken into the house and was lying in wait for her.


Moss, who allegedly owed Poole money, attacked the expectant mother with a knife, stabbing her repeatedly to the horror of her husband who was helplessly witnessing the attack, live on video.

The affidavit says Poole immediately recognized Moss during the attack, and began screaming his name to her husband over the phone. Police say her husband could hear the entire struggle.

Police say Moss continued to beat and stab Poole, then fled the scene and called a coworker to come pick him up, and drive him to Fort Bliss.

Police say Poole’s husband called other coworkers of Moss, who then confronted him upon his arrival back to the base. Those coworkers found the knife used in the attack in the same vehicle Moss was a passenger in.

During this time, Poole was able to call 911, and when police arrived, she gave her attacker’s identity to officers.

Fort Bliss military police took Moss into custody, and later turned him over to El Paso police. Police say Moss provided a voluntary statement where he admitted to stabbing and beating Poole. (source)

Rachel Poole is in critical condition, with fractures and stab wounds to her face and body. She will have to undergo surgery to repair the extensive wounds. Fortunately, her unborn baby remained unharmed.

Moss has been charged with criminal capital murder and is being held at the El Paso County Detention Facility pending $60,000 bail.

Fort Bliss spokesman Maj. Stephen Holt released a statement about the horrific incident.

“The incident is under investigation and, as such, we cannot provide any details. We are also unable to speculate as to what may have taken place. The investigation into this matter is being conducted by the El Paso Police Department and Fort Bliss is cooperating fully. We pride ourselves on the professionalism of the Soldiers within our ranks. Behavior such as these alleged actions are not representative of the men and women who serve at Fort Bliss. Our immediate concern is for the safety and welfare of the victim. We are monitoring her condition and our thoughts and prayers are with her for a full and quick recovery.” (source)

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    How can you be charge with murder when the victim is expected to survive?

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