I Am Not Moving | Occupy Wall St – A Documentary film



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  1. Nice how obama is saying all that and nothing of that kind is allowd in his own country good movie

  2. Splendid, powerful work.

  3. sunnydupree says:

    very well done!! keep it up!! very moving very powerful. It is ok for other countries protest but we are being victimized cause we do.

  4. I hate to see the police beating people like animals. Shoot the people-as the dead animals. Where we got today? To say something and do something else?
    The entire population has the right to free expression, to demonstrate, the right to hope, to dance, a girl, right in the smile, the right to shoot and communicate.
    Who really gives the order of the police? 

  5. How and to what I see cops adjustments to a number of demonstrations almost? We can say that the democracy we have today is actually examined by the Internet.

  6. Shame be to all those who gave the demonstrators on 15 October 2011.
    Took to the streets for you, for me, your neighbor, my neighbor, for your mother, took to the streets for all those who wanted to could not give express or courage.
    Those in police work when you run out, you regret what you did in October 15, 2011. 

  7. You'll regret that you have not had a chance to express to those who rule the world. You have expressed the demonstrators with batons and fists. It's nice? It is human? A man on the street greet you, give you a glass of water to drink, a buacata bread if you need a president … but only if you look. More than not, … if he needs your vote, maybe.
    A time to come when you think of this zi.15 October 2011

  8. A time to come when you think of this day.15 October 2011

  9. EvLSkillz says:

    amazing movie, thank you for posting. 

  10. beyza abdul says:

    when they beat abuse and torture the average man thanks to dumb arse police puppets the police will get their turn…its karma.they will do the dirty job and one day bammmm they too will cop it…how stupid that if reserve bank was to be abolished once and for all these retards in authority uniforms will benefit and their children and families,yet they rather use their batons and beat up unarmed peaceful protestors with extreme brutality.its worse then a third world country. ram guns up yr arses

  11. beyza abdul says:

    this is clearly good versus evil…look at the dumb fucks i hate them and when their turn comes have no mercy beat their arses with their very own weapons..they are the very wankers who were too dumb to be anything other then a aggressive, fucked up cops!God help you protestors and may your numbers grow by the millions to show masses rule.i hope all muslims,christians,jews,athiests and all faiths unite and abolish this evil regime.if egypt can do it so can we!!!!

  12. we call on the American government to stop attacking its own people !

  13. What it this song called? 

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