If the End of the World is About to Arrive, Now What?


Not quite the end of the world, but it may seem like that…

I published an article called “The Problem Obama is Experiencing by Having to Answer to the Global Elite” and, among other things, discussed the way Obama (as well as many other politicians) seems to say one thing, only to back pedal on it later. It’s not unusual for politicians.

Let’s face it, the Global Elite has had generations and generations to practice their dark arts of deception and because people have been continually dumbed down by entertainment, the news media, advertisers, and society itself, people are far more self-centered these days. Because of that, their concern is to ensure that no one gets more than they do. Besides, they’re too “smart” to believe in a Global Elite that has the USA (or any other country) by the throat. They won’t fall for that!

If the End of the World is About to Arrive, Now What

What’s heading our way?

Well, for those of us who are aware of the powers that be and understand all too well that those with the most money have the most power and those with the most power control too many things in society that effect us all, what can we do as calamity approaches? If you do believe that the Global Elite controls much, then you must believe that calamity approaches, right?

You understand that the economy in the USA is simply being artificially propped up, right? If this is the case, then things will crash one day, correct?

I’m going under the assumption that ever since Nixon made a deal with the Saudis so that the dollar became backed not by gold, but by oil, control of America’s economy was finally and completely taken out of our hands. It began the day the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law by socialist Woodrow Wilson in 1913, but it’s gotten a lot worse since then.

Because the dollar is now backed by oil, the Fed keeps printing money based on nothing and that can only last a while longer. Of course, the Global Elite will ensure that they lose nothing when the collapse happens. We won’t be so lucky so we need to do what we can to take care of ourselves because the Global Elite cares nothing about us.

Why am I talking about a collapse? Because as I mentioned last time, the Global Elite has never been able to gain control of Russia, Syria, or China. They need to do that in order to control oil of Syria and oil in Russia (and other valuable assets). It’s not going to happen without a huge fight. If the USA starts lobbing missiles into Syria, Iran and Russia will get involved. So will Israel. Turkey may also jump in as may China. It would get ugly very quickly. Missiles would be followed by ground troops. Lots of deaths and millions and millions of dollars spent in spite of sequestration here in America.

Numerous individuals have stated what might well happen if we enter war with Syria. It is hopeless? I don’t think we can stop what’s ultimately coming, but there are several things you can do to prepare and protect.

1. Paper Money vs. Real Money – Most people in America use paper money. I do. You do. They do. But, when the collapse happens, paper money will be worthless, just like it was during the Great Depression. Therefore, you should take some extra (I DO mean extra) cash you have on hand and exchange it for real money. What is real money? Gold or silver coins. I’m not talking about using them for an investment. I’m talking about using them as BARTER once the system collapses.

Ideally, you should have about 10% of your net worth in real money if you can afford to do that. Find a reputable coin dealer and do some buying. Be aware that the price of gold and silver fluctuates daily. If we get into war with Syria, it will likely go through the roof. Obviously, buying when the price is low(er) is best. Do not keep these coins in the bank. Park them safely at home, well hidden.

2. Food – You should really have at least three months of food stuff available to yourself and your family, possibly as much as six months. Freeze-dried is a good way to go because these can last up to 25 years on the shelf. Remember, the elite will have no worries. The little people like us will. Think logically. Make common sense decisions. Spend your money wisely. One day, you may wake up to find that your ATM card won’t work and your bank account (if your bank is still open) shows a zero balance. It happened during Boris Yeltsin’s time for the people of Russia. The elite also looted Russia as well, to Putin’s surprise when he became president.

You can grow your own food as well. Why do you think the government is increasingly clamping down on people growing their own gardens? In Australia, people there cannot buy food storage items. If they try to do that, Customs will open the package, determine what it is and send it back. The government wants us to rely on the government. They want us at their mercy. They do not want us to be able to dip into our own stored items.

3. Water – Amazing how often we forget about water. We are used to turning on the faucet and out it comes. That would likely not be the case if things start to collapse. Have lots of water on hand, at least one to three gallons per person, per day. I know, that’s a lot to store. What other option is there?

4. Fuel – You should also have several containers for gasoline. If war breaks out in Syria (or another war), I have no doubt that gas prices will skyrocket. Everything else will also skyrocket. Having gas on hand will be available for generators or getting around (sparingly) in your car.

Speaking of generators, you should have one that will run the main appliances in your home, one that you can hook up directly to your home’s electrical system. Nothing smaller than 4000w, unless you simply want to run a refrigerator or freezer.

Small solar panels will also work to charge computers, cell phones, and other small appliances.

5. Bicycles – Make sure you have a good bicycle to help you get around. It will come in handy.

6. Defense – It should go without saying, but you should have some way to protect yourself. Do you think if/when the system starts to collapse, the people who are used to handouts from the government are simply going to wait for the government to do something? Think again. You will likely need some means of protecting what’s yours. It is difficult for us to think in those terms because we live in a civilized (so-called) society. It won’t be if the bottom falls out. I’m not going to tell you how you should protect yourself or what you should use for it, but you need to find some way to protect you, your family, and your stuff. Don’t like guns? Okay. Get baseball bats or good slingshots. Find what works for you.

Along these lines, it’s a good time to take stock of your home. Make it safer, more difficult to break into.

7. Communication – Chances are good that the Internet will go down, partially, or completely after a collapse. How will you communicate with people? You may be able to use your cell phone though the government can shut that down as well. Ever considered shortwave? You might want to look into that so you have some peace of mind knowing what’s going on and being able to communicate with others who might not live near you.

8. Skills – You remember the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”? They talked about having skills – making cakes, dancing, whatever. If/when the system collapses, you will need some type of skill that you can use for bartering. Unfortunately, many of us today have depended on computers so long that we have forgotten what it’s like to work with our hands to fix or make something. Time to get back into it. Maybe you were once a carpenter, or welder, or worked with small engine repair. It’s probably time to dust off the work gloves and sharpen your skills again.

A good skill can also be cleaning. Homes, yards, garages, helping a neighbor paint or fix the roof, or clean up around the house and fixing things like steps or walkways. Some skills that might help you in the bartering process include:

  • repairing things
  • teaching self-defense
  • build/hack electronic hardware
  • cooking
  • languages (interpretation), including sign language
  • building a fire
  • wilderness survival
  • CPR/medical training
  • carpentry/construction
  • training people how to exercise properly
  • read maps/compasses
  • sewing/knitting
  • skinning a deer
  • trapping
  • fishing/fileting fish
  • how to properly cut down a tree
  • electrician
  • gardening/farming
  • raising chickens or other animals

These are just some ideas. You may have more. Bottom line – whatever someone needs that you might be able to do is a usable skill. Don’t underestimate yourself. Think back to the days of the settlers. Do some research.

Eventually, something will give. You need to do all you can to ensure that you and your family are taken care of, for as long as possible. We have become much too dependent on government and society and have lost the ability to think for ourselves and do what is necessary to survive.


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  1. If they haven’t gotten on board by now, they never will, even after it’s too late.

  2. DTwohig says:

    Theres only one problem with a lot of this.. and that is most americans are disabled or senior citizens and they rely on social security…They will never be able to do this…They are barely able to buy their medicines…America we need to stick together instead of fighting and killing each other…This situation in the East will get worse…Anyone who believes in God and the Bible can see all these prophecies spoken 2700 years ago are starting to become real .. Read Isaiah 17:1 and Psalm 83 ..I know God is real but now all the things we learned in the Bible are coming on the face of the earth and people better get ready for this…Nuclear War will be inevitable…Do what you have to do to protect yourselves.. before long the enemy will be at our doors..Alot of them already are..they are called sleeper cells…We need to keep our eyes open and protect each other..and Pray to God he will guide the USA in the coming months ahead…

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    I wonder how many will pay attention?

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