Illinois Senate Defeats Governor’s Sneaky Attempt to Ban Assault Weapons


Kurt Nimmo

In Obama’s home state, Illinois, governor Pat Quinn attempted to circumvent the legislature and impose an assault weapons ban on Wednesday. State Sen. Dave Luechtefeld, a Republican from Okawville, led an override that defeated the governor.

“Today is a good day for the Second Amendment in Illinois. We have scored a victory against short-sighted Chicago anti-gun policies,” Luechtefeld said, the Illinois Review reported on Wednesday. “The Governor overstepped his reach when he decided to rewrite this Senate bill and impose an assault weapons ban without the measure first being heard by the legislature.”

Quinn had attempted to change Senate Bill 681. The legislation allows FOID card holders to mail-order ammunition purchases from in-state licensed firearm dealers. Quinn had tried to include language that would have banned so-called assault weapons and certain ammunition magazines.

Quinn’s underhanded effort follows federal court rulings defeating Second Amendment advocates in New York and San Francisco who worked to rollback restrictive laws on firearms owners.

On Tuesday, we reported on Second Amendment activist John Snyder’s confidential sources revealing that the Obama administration may attempt to skirt Congress and outlaw semiautomatic firearms and multiple capacity ammunition feeding devices through bureaucratic reclassification.

Following Obama’s victory over Republican Mitt Romney, Democrats have brainstormed efforts to impose a new raft of restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Prior to the election, it was rumored that notorious gun-grabber Dianne Feinstein instructed her legal staff to meet with the legal staff over at the BATF to discuss possible legislation outlawing semiautomatic firearms.

According to Art Moore at, congressional Republicans are gearing up for a fight centered around the Second Amendment.

Larry Pratt, executive director of the firearms lobbying group Gun Owners of America, told WND that Republicans have the power to rollback any executive orders by Obama to restrict guns by blocking funding.

“We lost the presidential election, but if the Congress, in fact, has its own mind, then we can do some things with that,” Pratt told

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  1. Paul says:

    Chicago is a corrupt s#%thole! Murder capital USA once again, and the rest of us in Illinois are to blame for the failed democrap policies of the harshest gun control policies in the USA!
    As of Nov, 1st almost 700 deaths from gang related shootings and 1600 hundred non leathal shootings. Way to go rahm,way to go obozo,way to go keg leg hillary your all such great role models.

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