This video expose a coffee shop in Las Vegas that promotes the Illuminati and it’s symblogy. Watch and learn the symbols that are plastered all over this wicked …


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  1. Vpower07 says:

    They have the Masonic black and white checkered wall and the Bohemian Grove owl on the wall. Smh

  2. sonny do a video for my city of kalamazoo if u can thank you

  3. BARNEY says:

    Love the videos keep em coming

  4. Kevin Zhang says:

    Trust me NYC is about to get " Nuked" the Babylon City will fall

  5. Sonny, on your last video you claimed catholics can be Christians. I disagreed. You never responded. Why?. Are you FOR Jesus or against Jesus. ? DONT SLEEP FESS UP. Tell the TRUTH !!! You claim to reveal Biblical truth…What's your response????

  6. It is the artists that inspire people to do this, isnt it?

  7. Jasper Haus says:

    Maybe they do know and choose to follow the satanic deception.

  8. Darius Price says:

    my parents bought illuminated cloths that crazy

  9. Divine Grace says:

    Absolutely spot on about Trump, he will promise the people hope and change just like Obama did in '08 and deliver them nothing but lies and deceit.
    Just another puppet controlled by his masters…

  10. buddy bear says:

    YAH is our real GOD

  11. NewLife says:

    Good video. They have no faith in The Lord.

  12. Jairo Parra says:

    What is this world coming to? I wouldn't stop in that coffee shop. Hey I was in a bookstore once and they had Starbucks inside it. This guy that worked there had Satanic tattoos and he is calling me his brother after I bought some coffee. I see a kid in Walmart with a Satanic shirt on; it was that hexagram one. Signs of the time. But I haven't seen anything like it since except on these videos but they must be exposed. I did see a pyramid on this cigar shop now that I think of it.

  13. Kylie Cox says:

    Too obvious to not see it.

  14. I hope the Father will forgive these fools. They have no idea what they are seeing.

  15. Inge Wimpel says:

    Thank you so much for this upload i am from the Netherlands and i am seeing a lot of illuminati sighns here too ?? also in your video the girl is wearing a checkered path dress ow and i am so woken up ?☺️

  16. Shawn C says:

    Dude I like your work but I have to be honest, the way you give your messages it sounds like you're joking. It's the voice, you bring it up and sound like an infomercial. Your points are spot on though. It's just tough to listen to at times. Not insulting you tho brother please don't take it the wrong way. God bless!

  17. awesome, awesome, video Sonny!!!

  18. Alex Perrier says:

    I think you should focus more on the topic at hand, the coffee shop, and less on side subjects. This would make the video shorter and help more people discover the truth.

  19. Niamh Ryan says:

    Wow Sonny!!!! Jeez. They are trying to make this Fashionable??!!!. Unbelieveable.

  20. OMW, i didn't realize it was actually called illumilatte coffee shop. I thought you came up with that as a joke. wow pretty obvious

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