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Illuminati Freemason documentary mini – documentary Mason .


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  1. theendtone says:

    I was wondering if you could post the name of the audio clip

  2. beandick3 says:

    good video once you do a tiny amount of research you see truth and the more you research the more truth you will see the song is "clubbed to death"

  3. Methusar says:

    Clubbed to Death by Rob dougan

  4. nastypop says:

    hidden explosives is what brought them down. like a regular implosion.

  5. JefPwnsU says:

    lmao what a shitty theory. Ive never seen a theory with more holes than this…

  6. bboybiogrind says:

    lol Assassins Creed we should go back in time and kill the knights templars etc. like the hashashins… dunno what i am talking about lolz the tri shield from zelda :)kill kill assassin… assassinate

  7. LankanLionz says:

    nice video music fits in perfect

  8. Steph Chow says:

    I appreciate the effort that has gone into the video for sure. lots of theories, lots of work.

    But there are definately some things that are a little far fetched and not to mention ill informed.

    Example: the inverted cross? Its automatically associated with the Anti-Christ and satanism. But its actually a Catholic symbol. Obviously the Pope would have it on his chair, and obviously it would be in buildings. its a sign of humility. As if the Pope is stupid enough to have satanism on his CHAIR

  9. isaac hunt says:

    i don't understand the part about nine/ eleven what is there a flying saucer coming out of the explosion or what what's the deal?

  10. grimzephyrus says:

    I'm assuming it comes from the fact that St.Peter (i think) demanded to be crucified upside down so using it as a sign of humility isn't toooo far fetched. Still pretty weird though.

  11. yOung jhOna says:

    @misterkill27 me neither..


  13. adthet says:

    @misterkill27 its a fake clip i heard

  14. adthet says:

    @majds2sxc and michael jackson to

  15. Vee Gardi says:

    Hey guys,can i make a suggestion.Try and get your hands on a documentary called ZETGEIST.That has some relevance to this documentary aswel.

  16. righyanb says:

    This means nothing

  17. oh boy if they know that were aware of them and what they have done i cant imagine what we DONT know about

  18. so when you find out all the information off youube about it what are you gonna do wait for something to happen??

  19. jongsong86 says:

    Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death

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