ILLUMINATED : Satanic Illuminati Gay Agenda Exposed !! Documentary Full 2015 HD Video


more information available on the internet about the doctrine Gay lit that afflicts not only America , but the world . Meeting children now …


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  1. Mia Davina says:

    Diddy gonnna get ya! Poppin em in their butts, from my experience in hollywood all this shit is true, music producers are meth smoking sex crazed godless party monsters, relatively harmless I thought!

  2. Archon Watch says:

    This is not fair to those who are naturally not straight as Ive met a few gay guys and women and they prayed to god over and over again to turn straight and they still couldnt help the way they fell. I do believe though that The Illumniati are loving it and taking advantage of homosexuality to advance their agenda as they want to de populate as many of us

  3. Archon Watch says:

    This also does not give christians the right to bully homo sexuals either am fed up with this world and its kindaergarten mentality patheitc

  4. Archon Watch says:

    Why is it then god stole all my types of men off me matched them up with other women to taunt me? One he did on 9/11 and this wife is a bisexual trans gender lunatic. he done this to me but a lot of others aswell cos god never created us esp the god of the bible I feel that there is an error in mankinds creation because of the fall of the Aen Sophia she is the Aen who plunged out of the galaxy and accidentely created the Archons its them who are behind this sick perverted homosexual agenda and have done this to me plus others. I do not blame the homosexuals for being born imperfect its the Archons to blame learn more by getting the book Not In His Image by John Lamb Lash

  5. Archon Watch says:

    And that fucking lunatic Alestair Crawley was Archon posessed to the eyeballs He must of cunjured up Yadabaoth the Leader of the pack no kidding!

  6. Nelson Vee says:

    OMFG I will take my son out of school get the Fuk outta here..

  7. Nelson Vee says:

    School is not a platform for speaking about GAY nonsense, these kids have no sexual identity bunch of fhagoot manipulators motherfukers…hope AIDS comes back..

  8. i see no gays trashing this shit!! where you at???

  9. Go look up Alex Jones Info Wars where he exposes how Pedophiles are people too

  10. Why do think White men aren't playing that very poplar gangster rapper role? They are not stupid

  11. That beanie segal clip tho…very suspect.

  12. Walter Smith says:

    In your nightmares . Men with reprobate minds will have very short lives of pain and abuse in this world. Homosexuals will be on there knees begging for mercy when they meet there Maker.

  13. Gotta have men banging women to sustain life. Fuck a faggot and i will let loose on one or many at a time. Fuck a faggot.

  14. Nick Michaux says:

    what the fuck is this shit……………………………………..this has nothing to do with gays

  15. Nick Michaux says:

    this guy talking is the gay one………………………………..go fuck you self brother

  16. add37j says:

    Kids do no need to be learning about gay, definitely not in school. Nazi force fed propaganda. I tired of this "victim" being the bully and it is supposed to be alright with people. I am not afraid to draw and line and say it. Its basically people pushing their own deviancy on others and to speak against it it apparently treason.

  17. Isn't this all just for population control? and to disgrace GOD?

  18. the gator says:

    Stupid,don't keep saying it over and over we get it the first time you say it. We all got of 1st.grade,except for me.

  19. the gator says:

    Anal sun shine when you gone!

  20. marconius101 says:

    he's really pissed off…

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