ILLUMINATED : Tupac Exposed – Breaking the Illuminati Oath 2015 Update Documentary HD


E ‘ possible that the fall of Tupac Shakur was due to his unwillingness to abide by the rules and oaths Illuminati dominant ? His popularity and influence …


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  1. dcg19800 says:

    Hey Nova, great channel!!! I just found you. Im Loving the uploads. Keep up the great work! Cant wait to see whats next!

  2. Tupac was a bitch. He acted like he cared about his people, when all he talked about was shooting people, mostly, actually only black people. Everybody acts like he was a saint, when he was a devil and loved every minute of it. I called his bullshit from the beginning, while the whole world fell in to his lies and believed them. Fuck tupac and his bullshit. "im from the gutter, and im still here!" shut up bitch, leave if you don't like it, but you did like it, you loved death and violence and beef and money, there wasn't much good in that man at all.

  3. lol illuminati are all pussy soul scum

  4. TJ says:

    its takes this long to get to the point. ?

  5. Being part of the Baphomet is at soul level. Certain people in charge of things get hosted by diabolical entities and chained into a satanic hive. Our world is in a grip of an evil, twisted, demented force. You will not make it to the top without being owned by it. The sexual deviated acts are part of the initiation. Freemason also do it too. Shameful acts and sins toward one's body becomes a doorway to their soul being leased to satan. If you go against their ways and fight back and try to free yourself, they take you out somehow. The demonic metaphysical aspect of our reality is very real and we need to find out how we can free ourselves.

  6. Illuminati means Satanic slaves. That'a all. They give themselves positive names to disguise themselves.

  7. Can't believe what this world turned into I guess every successful man is in the illuminati 

  8. Strange how Tupac and the rest of them are members of a long dead Bavarian Secret Society that has not lasted since the late 1780's

  9. Its white people killing blacks,but not all whites are dirty.but kkk ika csa .they just want blacks eliminated.

  10. He was a part of it, but he was against at the same time.because multiple people were involved in his murder.

  11. Aint nobody perfect, just because you change,that dont mean. The people you had beef with change.

  12. Just like pac said, he forged his strength.but his mistake was,he was talking to much.he let get to close,a lot of black dont care about struggle.some just exist, who ever had him killed, did it through any color or race.thats just like the house negro say,why get our own,when we can be criminals ,& get money from the master.

  13. SkeEnVision says:

    Pac is still alive that why Suge is in so much trouble now … They know helped him escape in Vegas and he says himself a lot…Pac wasn't oblivious to what was goin on he was a step ahead in Vegas that's why nobody knows exactly what happened I think it was a fake assassination in Vegas to help him escape and there's details and secrets that even this white dude don't know about….like he said even that undercover FBI agent tried to help Pac

  14. Victor Kain says:

    So pyramids represent evil?? According to what?

  15. aline jesus says:

    tpac.foi assinado pelos iluminado .por estava denunciando eles.mostrando pró mundo.tpac tinha muito ibope.iluminati são mentirosos donos de tudo.manupolisao o gado marcado.tpac revolucionário morreu falando a verdade.Brasil love pac.fora nova ordem mundial.

  16. add37j says:

    Ted Field looks like a pedophile.

  17. vc canta paca raio

  18. ö bereket says:

    devil or not devil

  19. Lucas S. says:

    he is alive…

  20. Sean Commins says:

    2Pac, was killed by his own, at the desire of someone, and maybe at the desire of someone above that someone…. If it was a Powers that Be, Operation, the 2nd Ammendement, would have been removed the following day. They were caught on the hop, like everyone else…I am of no doubt that 2Pac, running for President, for the Armenians, and the Lost Tribe, would have shook things up a little bit, with the prospect of spoiled votes, but this was an inside job. Lamb to the Slaughter, by the Judas Goat, who walks around, but the lamb, doesn't and continues to slaughter. Find that Judas Goat, and you have the first ''Someone''…..Then find who trained or told the Judas Goat to ''Go Around'' and avoid the slaughter, and who told him to lead that particular Lamb, to it's slaughter. That Lamb Was 2Pac… And that's the someone above the first someone, the Judas Goat…2Pac himself took no prisoners. If my girlfriends father asked me for sex, I would say NO and walk away, may or may not tell my girlfriend. When it happened to 2 Pac, he told 300 million, in America alone… That information, told that way, destroys Innocent people, and their lives forever ruined. The Girl-Friend for one. If you are that ruthless in life, you do make enemies. His music is great, I listen to it often.

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