ILLUMINATED : Vladimir Putin Illuminati truth about ISIS , Ukraine , WW3 – Documentary Illuminati HD


The Cabal lit are desperate to start a world war , not only to white wash their scams around the world so that Wall Street can keep $ 40000000000000 stole …


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  1. Vladamir Putin is a Cowardly and Closeted Homosexual Bitch Boy !

  2. HASSASIN ALI says:

    ten minutes of information repeated about 20 times

  3. Mark Gerrard says:

    Vladimir Putin has not been Illuminati since he kicked Lord Jacob Rothschild out of Russia in 2007..which is why the paranoid criminal fucks who have hijacked post 9/11 NATO encircle Russia today desperate for its oil & Central Bank gold reserves – & your video strapline ENTIRELY misrepresents & misleads on this..

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