ILLUMINATED : Wash your brain Hollywood Mind Control – Documentary full 2015 HD upgrade


MK- Ultra = Slave Mind ( Kontrolle ) last or Ultimate Mind Controlled – a person who has been subjected to horrible ritual trauma / torture ( usually rapeseed ) for the …


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  1. So what is next. We suppose to live in a cycle history continues to repeat? Same story's same feelings same outcome just different people. Common now..

  2. thanks for sharing and explaining all about hidden and secret knowledge.

  3. This people are full of shit..literally.

  4. Luna Faye says:

    i love these two truth tellers.

  5. All history recorded in Higgs Field, please contact.

  6. Moe Mus says:

    this was a good interview until this lady said she starting something called slackmagic!!?? wtf then whats worse is the people around her agreed with her and started to say we can be our own Gods????!! wtf this interview went from talking about the world being ruled by satanic worshipers and the end of the world to inviting us to this slackmagic garbage and other blaspheming topics!!? wow its was all good unill that part these people are hypocrites hands down!! watch out views dont believe this garage

  7. Garnet K says:

    Keep up the good work!

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