illuminati Alien Lie they are fallen angels not aliens + katy perry shows picture of a real nephilim



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    Excellent work! God bless you and us all! Do not be decieved people! We are so priviliged to know this information before they start this alien demon show. If you see one rebuke it in the name of the Lord Jesus.

  2. sb777100 says:

    Come oh jesus come!! i cant wait for the day, i feel sorry for the people who dont know him, its hard for me to think about how many sinners are out there& dont have christ&are decieved, but were here to gather as many as we can. god bless us all!!

  3. Petrit Blaka says:

    These Things Called JINN and for these species the holy Quran Talks about,don't waste ur time watching this things try to look something that is above sience….

  4. tpulling83 says:

    EXCELLENT VIDEO and editing!

  5. yeah, because it makes more sense to believe in invisible spiritual devils who can take on the form of people or spacecrafts than to actually believe in alien beings and spacecrafts existing in this humongous universe.

  6. 9 planets, 1 star.
    400 billion stars in this galaxy! 400 billion galaxies in the known universe (We don't know how big it is, it could be infinite), and some galaxies have more stars, some even double! andromeda has 800 billion plus!

    and you are saying, that it's hard for you to believe that life could exists in other planets? that's so fucking ignorant of you to say that!
    demons are real! and so are aliens!watch "ancient aliens" series of the history channel! you won't be able to disprove it

  7. cont… and wtf would demons take forms of spacecrafts?
    and anyways, demons are aliens too, I mean, we all are souls,
    these demons are spirits from other planets!

  8. uhmm, I said no such thing. It was sarcasm!

  9. oh, lol, then it was stupid of me to not see it,
    ahh, I was too into it that moment! I just sometimes lose it.

  10. Cesna Jetson says:

    Aliens are demons 100%

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