Illuminati and the music industry Documentary full


When I saw this video I would say that the Illuminati and Satan controlled the music industry , and every song that contains the rain , snakes , girls , money etc. , they are .. .


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  1. Man this is so stupid im slowly becoming retarded.

  2. Nathan Bolan says:

    this video is accurate as fuck

  3. Nathan Bolan says:

    if you don't understand what this video is saying your brain dead

  4. Many people will believe this is ridiculous but damn man this just insane, But then again if theres a Devil then theres must be a God.

  5. whooked says:

    damn i was a little kid when i heard that song

  6. illuminati is been there for a long time right from world war 1 and 2 to crusader time the rich business men ex ford supplied engine on both side nazi and allied forces and Americans.

  7. Those people are not the real illuminati, how can wicked people be enlightened? They are not but probably think they are.

  8. Maty Bou says:

    This video is absolutely great , i do believe that illuminati exist and they are waiting for anti christ to rule the world , but they don't know that God won't let them do that and that they are going directly to hell inchallah

  9. mongobongofy says:

    Lol religious people are soooo fucking crazy

  10. Paul Proctor says:

    It makes sense to me please keep up the good work this is very informative and accurate not only do you give the information but u also have the scriptures to back it up and it all fits.Thanks

  11. Martial0241 says:

    The Bible also says that the Earth is flat, and that the sun revolves around US!

    It says alot of things really, especially when it comes to killing people, like any woman who isn't a woman on her wedding night, and anyone that isn't a member of your sect of Christianity. But you have no problem just cherry picking verses that suit your agenda.

    This lost all credibility awfully fast.

  12. I appreciate this because he's not just pointing out stuff, he actually does his research

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