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  1. loominarti confirmed bush did 7/11

  2. Isn't the reality a fake simulation by itself?

  3. this is from Zeitgeist

  4. Ronald Reagan was a very nice man!

  5. CRAP VID. Why? Too much flashing – triggering for some of us – and the sound levels are fucked. 0/10

  6. ashley brown says:

    can you address Tyler perry and the fact Jesus didn't cross dress plus Jesus didn't have an abusive personality

  7. I have never been so scared until now. I was born in the 60s and this is getting very bad and the people around the world need to wake up and fast.

  8. rascalferret says:

    right after the advert for LL cool J and the lip sync battle TV show forces its way in…I'll finish the video

  9. Leo Guzman says:

    My thoughts are not in my mind the thought police have killed me. it's hard to know how, might be the rfid. Never go to Satan's hospital.

  10. Dang, i clicked this video because of the lady in the thumb nail. But after a few seconds in, this is obviously not about her. What a waste of time.

  11. Lottie Pink says:

    Smh so sad to see so many ppl get lured into evil .. The truth is so clear but so many are spiritually blinded.. The world and the population is getting worse and worse I just want Jesus to return to take his ppl home and spare us from this dirty world … He will return soon I truly believe we are in the last stages . God have mercy and God bless us all . Amen

  12. Exist Air says:

    dude im only 13 and this world is hitting the fan i dont know what to do, the illuminati the petrodollar system mk ultra, what should i do what should my sister do please help me give me ideas of what to do
    i am awake im aware of this evil but i dont know what to do

  13. Jay 00 says:

    So your saying a meme is irl….

    Pls stop

  14. Rocky Fjord says:

    The Cultural Industrial Complex… elites and their professional functionaries…

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