Illuminati birth of REAL Nephilim hybrids R$E




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  1. can you do a video on the netflix show; the beastmaster. watch 10 minutes of the first episode and you have enough evidence for one video

  2. why the f*** are they still driving cars please propaganda please is only for stupid people like you I can't believe I'm f**** watching this

  3. if you're really your car enthusiast Lexus sucks f**** dick

  4. Did you see that in Cairo they unearthed a massive statue of RA? The evil ruler Moses had to save the Hebrews from and parted the Red Sea. If not look into it they praise the finding, I know there is one GOD not any other. Jesus the son of God gave his life to cleanse our sins then he rose and spiritually joined GOD.

  5. Rainy Dayz says:

    Thanks for sharing these vids.

  6. Rainy Dayz says:

    Very creepy to me also, You're in my prayers brother.

  7. so anything and I mean anything can be made to look a way u want it to I'm sorry I believe in God but at the same time all of this is is someone looking at small things and flipping it to what ever you want it to mean I mean hell it says in the Bible no man will know when the end is so how can anyone agree with this really I just don't get it how ppl can be so dumb as to think that everything and every rich person or famous what ever is satanic really ppl I mean I see stuff about the Pope being satanic for crying out loud so much more I could say but I just don't understand

  8. Will Richard says:

    good job brother. God bless!!

  9. Hey man, I do believe in God, and that the Nephillum had existed. I have question. With all this propaganda and lies. Can you give me an example of literature that I can read. I don't know man, with Cern and realities colliding, I don't know man. What the heck is really going on?

  10. I swear every dust corn has his meaning in this satanic world. keep it up. God bless you?

  11. great video. thank you

  12. John lew says:

    don't fret Lucifer loses in the end him the Antichrist the false prophet they all get tossed in the pit in the end

  13. ram1brn says:

    dude I own a lexus my daughter own one also . And if you did you would understand and it has nothing to do with Satan best handling car I have ever driven in my 52 years of walking this rock .

  14. Did anyone else notice that evil-looking face to the right of the "portal" thing, and just to the left of the cliff around 7:227:39ish? It too has the left eye scarred and covered! Creepy!!!! wow…smh

  15. Auston Cyyuu says:

    i hate car commercials… they make a CGI action play for a fucking gas pusher!!!

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