Illuminati Bloodline LI DYNASTY


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  1. Just Junk says:

    what about the yakuza they're big too I think THEY'RE bigger than the tri-ads

  2. Jak Til says:

    Is there Russian secret society

  3. fifigurl2011 says:

    Thank you for the history lesson.

  4. in vancouver, li ka shing got a sweetheart deal for the expo site, which was on oil and pipeline distribution for old gastown and new westminster.. not only a sweetheart deal on the land but also a sweetheart deal of cleaning up the fouled land for him as part of the deal.. at the time, the ppl of vancouver generally had no idea of the deal nor the presence of all that pollution beneath their feet so were financially screwed

  5. SUNSHINE says:

    Great sleuthing!! Much appreciated. And yes, thank you Lord for guiding Sister Rebecca to uncover this for us

  6. Today's Super Bowl 51 is Super Bowel LI. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  7. zamgoods says:

    Have you found any links between the destruction of the Middle East and the New Silk Road Railroad and the Somali Pirates with these secret society gangsters?

  8. Cab87 Noir says:

    This series is awesome. Thank you for all this great info. Now we can easily understand what the illuminati really is.

  9. Thorough video, good job.

  10. It's all a front, they all in bed with one another. Great video!

  11. The LI family is also referred to as the "dragon family". Bruce Lee's father was part of that bloodline until he departed from his family. According to rumors, Therefore a demon was sent to kill all male children that were amongst his father. It's the reason why Bruce Lee's father gave him a girls name: "little Phoenix" When Bruce Lee came to America to teach martial arts, the dragon family warned him to stand down. Lee refused. Then they started sending hit squads after him, and he has been leaving a trail of body's in his path. They knew they couldn't fight him physically. But they decided to attack him in the spiritual realm through this demon. It not only killed his father and him but his son as well.

  12. Absolutely fascinating, Sister Rebecca. Keep up the good work.

  13. why when people refer to the ruling wealthy they refer to the Rockefellers when in fact The Royal family make the Rockefellers look like welfare recipients. Who owns Obamacare? hmmm
    who secretly runs the world? hmmm. who says when war is allowable? hmmm. just a few to leave u with.

  14. Amazing, this video blow my mind. Excellent research.

  15. Bossup says:

    The Triads were rumored to be responsible for the death of Bruce and Brandon Lee

  16. Meskin Bell says:

    Sister Rebecca you're always on point, love the videos. Keep em coming ?

  17. 0/o o/0 says:

    hope u will Cover the rest of the bloodlines …. Great info

  18. keep up the good work god bless sister holly

  19. dawn connors says:

    You have the unusual ability to both educate and calm me, simultaneously.

  20. Do they eat rats for breakfast?

  21. You know what, I might be Chinese, if I meet someone with the same surname(s) as me I'll go out my way to try and be friendly with them lol.

  22. Arriz Golden says:

    Thank you sister keep up The good work that is another amazing series

  23. Another great follow up video of part 1& 2 Keep up the great work HollyHood we love ur content & cant wait till the next ones so keep feeding us HollyHood we're all starving for great info

  24. Very secret bloodline.. thank you for this.

  25. Miss Holly Hood I would love you to please Expose the Jehovah Witnesses and their ties to freemasonry/illuminati etc I have family members tied into this cult and they are completely blindsided by it. Do you know they reject Jesus blood and have many symbolism on their publications. It will be honour because I'm beginning to detest them. E.g. new world order, new world translations. Thanks.

  26. Lee Veltman says:

    This always makes me weird out. This is probably why people ask me if I'm in a secret society. 🙂 Great video, Hollyhood.

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