Illuminati Bringing in the New Race,Out with the Old! Walking in your Footsteps!



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  1. This song was the fab Police's song of man I once met, very strange man, weird and wicked things happened around him… he looked at himself as an heretic… The wrath of God ended up catching him, sadly and terribly….

  2. And that is why I cant stand that song, wicked,times with wicked people, no more ! 

  3. Paul Mcartney(Shepherd), Aleister Crowley. Barbera Bush(Pierce), and Stanley Anne Dunham all look the same… Must be related some how or clones of each other…

  4. swagmista says:

    One thing we should also keep in mind it can be flipped to make the actually good things look bad I feel like it's Evolution everything on this planet has gone through it and you must know the devil is never in control so outing it is already done by the creator. But I do like your vids. 

  5. Brilliant video. Keep us informed sir.

  6. Dicegirl72 says:

    The symbol (sigil?) first shown at approximately 2:20 in the video (and also shown by the CIA-connected band "the Police")  looks very much to me like the word "HEll" -so it seems have exoteric/obvious as well as esoteric meaning on top of everything else going on here. Thank you for ending the video with an upbeat message.

  7. 1:10 McCartney not carnety ( likely ) 

  8. I made a new youtube page and am gonna stop using google+ for the reasons I states cant fully get away from problems causing me not to fully do right unless I get away form the people understand Nic I hope you do thanks

  9. doctamic says:

    Trippy as fuck

  10. Nicely done Nicholson ~

  11. Craig Warner says:

    U chat so much bollocks

  12. anis9876 says:

    Wrapped Around Your Finger is about marriage to Saturn. It's an alchemical process from changing from apprentice to a sorcerer.

  13. Illuminati bringing in the New and Out with the Old!
    Remixed Paul McCartney's "Appreciate"  video, but used other music by Police "Walking in your Footsteps"
    It seems like a simple music video, but is telling you a deeper story that mankind is heading in the direction of the Dinosaurs…Extinction..Transhumanism,,Mark of the Beast!

  14. Great video Uncle Nick, Macca didn't become a billionaire didn't get bye without a little help by his friends, love your channel

  15. Awesome video. Thanks for all the info you share! Eyes wide open!

  16. savedbygrace says:

    lol sounds like he is saying "walking n ur foodstamps"

  17. DJP says:

    ahead of the game

  18. Carmen Dooms says:

    Deep…very interesting.

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